Erich Jantsch. · Rating details · 45 ratings · 5 reviews. The evolution of the universe – ranging from cosmic and biological to sociocultural evolution – is. Wikipedia proved to be an unreliable place to house the contextualized information that I’ve been collecting. Much of the Wikipedia biography that I had been. In existographies, Erich Jantsch () (CR) was an Austrian-born American astrophysicist noted, in hmolscience, for his

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Erich Jantsch – Wikipedia

Apply to be a Writer Report page Share this. In existographiesErich Jantsch CR: Self-organization and Planning in the Life of Human Systemsdiscusses the second law of thermodynamics in the context of the Brownian motion of human molecules ; an excerpt of which is as follows: Scientific and Human Implications of the Emerging Paradigm of Evolutionwherein he attempts to unify cosmology, biologysociologypsychologyand consciousnessaround a mixture of evolution theory and dissipative structures theory.

In short, he promulgated a melting pot ontic opening philosophy in regards to being and becoming within the confines of a physics -governed universe, which he exemplifies by the following: For the life of me only the paradigm of self-organization is appropriate.


I am committed to open. Despite the largely scientific content of [my theory] is humanistic in his outlook, because it is time to end the senseless separation of science and humanism.

The relationships that I point out in my book are eric with slogans such as self-organization, coevolution, self-transcendence and creativity. From them, the image of an open, non-teleological and not even teleonomic evolutionthe conditions at all levels is openness, and imbalance are autocatalytic self-reinforcing.

Education InJantsch completed his PhD at the University errich Vienna, working thereafter, at various times, as an astronomer, physicist, engineer, management consultant, forecaster, conservationist, general systems jantscu, evolutionary theorist, humanist, and philosopher.

Jantsch’s original training was in astrophysics, but somewhere along the line he began to delve into the bigger problems of existence and therein began to build on the self-organization work of Ilya Prigogine and Hermann Haken in attempt to bridge the gap between science and humanism.

Self-organization and planning in the Life of Human Systems human molecules, pg. Economics, Philosophy, and Physics pg. Conversations with Remarkable People pg.


The Evolutionary Vision of Erich Jantsch

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Cosmic Evolution: The Self-Organizing Universe

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