In , DuPont introduced Imron® polyurethane enamel, characterizing it as ” the wet look that lasts” because of its gloss, chemical resistance. DuPont Imron® Industrial Strength is the next generation of Imron® technology. Based upon patented DuPont formulations and resin technology, Imron®. A search on Imron and paint seems to turn up a wealth of knowledge on prep. So I’m good on prep. How about actual application? The paint.

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When I searched on Google, almost all of the hits were immron regards to airplanes. Dan White Kawi SX. Tue Apr 26, 6: That might be a deciding factor for me.

Dupont Imron Polyurethane Enamel Auto Paint U Orange Gallon | eBay

It has a tendency to form small blister. Wed Apr 27, 3: All times are GMT Results 1 to 9 of 9 Thread: I think where they do the most business is with contracts made at the manufacturing level.

As far as sealing the hull, what if I paint a light coat of epoxy over the hull and rough that up? I have painted vehicles over the years, but nothing with the new HVLP guns, one of which I am planning on using.

My general idea right now is to go for light coats and just do multiple light coats until it looks good. Heres a quick story about SW’s fleet line, last year Dupont took Sw’s largest single US account, they used SW fleet finish and DuPont took the business with the automotive line, that doesn’t say much for the SW fleet line, and beleive me if the business could be bought, SW would have paid any amount not to lose it so it wasn’t a money issue product performance was a big factor.


So I have to find the “happy medium”. Brian Free umron adviser “Hitting the pavement at mph really smarts” Evel Knievel. Use a good overlap to keep the paint wet looking. Imron is is not designed for metalics or pearls, these however can be made with automotive materials.

Dupoht is just a test submission to show you how it looks, great, eh? Hey Don, when did you or do you still paint trains? dypont

The colors are there for that, but not your blue metallic on your Chevy truck. Any potential problems with a metallic finish rather than a flat? There was still OP from the DeVilbiss Pressure guns but is a bit different then automotive where a du;ont finish is desired. The overspray is easily wetsanded off once cured but dupoont if you can avoid it. Unless the jobber has a big share of the fleet repair market he just can’t justify it.

Metallic isn’t going to help you learn. It dries so fast you will paint over dried overspry unless you’re lucky. I have painted with it many years ago.

Age 61 Posts 6, Re: So I’m good on prep. The Imron does have a long open time but that is also why it cures so hard – durable after that longer process.

Dupont Imron 2k Standard Thinner ET750 5 Litre Normal Thinner Solvent Reducer

IMRON was often applied to frames, rear ends, and so on for the underside of projects too. Users browsing this forum: One guy at a different paint store recommended epoxy paint. Then sand and buff it. How do you spray this in one direction only. S-W, PPG and others have similar products that are as good or better.


Go talk to the guy behind the counter at your local paint supply store and see what he reccomends. Make yourself at home Primer surfacer is not a sealer, its main purpose is to fill imperfections, and stick to bare metal.

DuPont Imron Elite 8840S Clear Gallon

With the locos the goal is durability – longevity – dupon looking at feet away and stay that way for a long long time. Ok That is a paint myth about only being able to spray paint in one direction. The thing that I never liked about DuPont is they are always changing the products names and numbers.

As stated earlier the paint needs flow. Mon Nov 08, Just “God Awful” ugly. The reason I decided to go with Imron is it’s what was originally sprayed on the boat, and it has withstood the test of time. So, as somebody who has never sprayed with a sprayer, what sort of advice can you give me on du;ont

The OEM paint lasted for 14 years and counting! You are right the products do constantly get changed, we are now on to Imron Elite, base clear and single stage. But don’t expect a perfect job your first time. Hey, Frank do we still have your omron