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Discovered in by a team from the Mayo Clinic and the Scripps Research Institute USAsenolytics are making a lot of headlines at the moment in the anti-aging circles.

Thanks to bioinformatics research to find molecules capable of interacting with senescence processes, several dozen potential treatments have been identified. Some of them have already been tested on animals, with remarkable results. Since we have no financial interest in this, we can tell you the whole truth on the treatments being developped to fight against aging, and give you the best information possible.

In order to understand what senolytics are, we must first recall what cell senescence consists of. We have stem cells, cells capable of renewing those that die every day, more or less present in our tissues. They are, for instance, plentiful in the bone marrow and they regularly replace our red and white blood cells.

Senolytics: the war on senescence is on!

However, they are very rare in our brain, where the life span of neurons is much longer than that of blood cells. During aging, these stem cells can pause, i. Our body becomes less and less dasqtinib to renew the cells that die, especially in important organs like the brain[1]. In parallel, a similar phenomenon occurs in non-stem cells, aggravating the mechanism and overloading our immune cleaning systems[2].

When senescent cells are too numerous, they accumulate and secrete pro-inflammatory factors that promote the development of age-related diseases[3]. Senolytics are a new class of drugs that could reduce the number of senescent cells and slow our aging process.

Based on this hypothesis and knowing that our immune system gets rid of senescent cells whenever dasatinlb, researchers have dasayinib drugs that can selectively increase the apoptosis of these cells, leading to better heart function, decreased osteoporosis and increased lifespan[5].


The very first publication reporting dasatihib studied quercetin a flavonoid and dasatinib Sprycel [5]. These two treatments, administered alone or in combination, allowed the reduction of senescence markers in both an dqsatinib vitro model and an in vivo mouse model. It would appear that this action is mediated by the inhibition of ephedrine B EFNB3a molecule that can act as a ligand, but also as a receptor when it is in contact with conventional ephedrine receptors, and which prevents the cells it binds onto from initiating an apoptosis process[6].

The second action of these senolytics seems to be through PI3K tri-phosphate inositol kinasea kinase that regulates programmed cell death[5]. These two combined actions regulate the AKT pathway, then the mTOR pathway, major signalling pathways for cell proliferation and cell death[7].

amoxil bula | lasixqtxaev

In a more recent study by the same team, navitoclax, an anti-cancer treatment, was identified as senolytic[8]. This time, its action would pass through the regulation of BCl-2, a mitochondrial molecule involved in programmed cell death. Also by the same team, fetin, piperlongumin and BCl-2 inhibitors were reported to have a specific effect on senescence[9].

Cell senescence can affect all our cells but some organs are dasatinjb sensitive. This is the case of adsatinib heart and vessels, which are the primary targets of aging, with pathologies such as atherosclerosis, heart attacks or arterial stiffening. Senolytics appear to reduce arterial calcification in hypercholesterolemic mice[10], thus reducing the risk of developing atherosclerosis. For this pathology, p21 and PAI-1 have also been identified as senolytic due to their action on p53 and cell proliferation[5].

Because of its novelty, this research topic is expanding rapidly with studies aimed at establishing the impact of senolytics on neurodegenerative diseases, sarcopenia, metabolic diseases, osteoporosis or skin aging.

Their ability to be used as an adjuvant for chemotherapies is also under analysis, with encouraging preliminary results. Senolytics are from a constantly expanding family of drugs or natural compounds.

This is a very recent research topic that requires the utmost caution. At this time, no optimal dosage has been established and toxicology studies have not yet begun. New agents that target senescent cells: Chronic senolytic treatment alleviates established vasomotor dysfunction in aged or atherosclerotic mice.


Under no circumstances the information on the website are likely to make up for consulting, visiting and diagnosis by a licensed healthcare professional. Said information should not be interpreted as ensuring the promotion any molecule or medical product.

Long Long Life does not guarantee by any means any result following the implementation of the published information on the website. Self-medication can be dangerous for your health, please seek medical advice before starting any treatment. Marion Tible has a PhD in cellular biology and physiopathology. Formerly a researcher in thematics varying from cardiology to neurodegenerative diseases, she is now part of Long Long Life team and is involved in scientific writing and anti-aging research.

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Marion Tible est docteur en biologie cellulaire et physiopathologie. Home Articles Transhumanism Aging — Scientific literature explained Hallmarks of aging Epigenetics of aging and longevity Telomeres and aging Measuring aging Cellular stress and aging Genomic, proteomics, all things dasatjnib Log into your account. Work for human longevity. Home Transhumanism, Longevity Dxsatinib supplements Senolytics: Senolytics against cellular aging Discovered in by a team from the Mayo Clinic and the Scripps Research Institute USAsenolytics are making a lot of headlines at the moment in the anti-aging circles.

Long Long Life does not sell any of these products. We believe this to be the price of freedom. Fight against cell senescence In order to understand what senolytics are, we must first recall what cell senescence consists of. Drugs classified as senolytic The very first publication reporting senolytics hula quercetin a flavonoid and dasatinib Sprycel [5].

Glutathione benefits for life extension. Lecithin, phosphatidylcholine for cardiovascular health and longevity.

Spices and herbs can boost your longevity. This is the story of 4 scientists but especially 4 friends who find that life is beautiful and short at the same time.

They are strongly convinced that aging is not a fatality and they are determined to be a part of this revolution. In bkla to change the world they have a team, and they will share reliable and accessible scientific information with everyone.