The AquaForte SmartSieve with a micron screen, twin 4 inch inlets, gallons per hour capacity and a price of $ including shipping. A new breakthrough in technology and price level! Twin inlets (mm) Patented flow regulation. Strong Polyethylene housing. Improved edges around sieve. Has anyone using one of these sieves any feed back would be welcome, Cant find anything about them bar the basic on the Aquaforte website.

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Manufactures AquaForte introduces SmartSieve, a breakthrough in production technology and price range! The new filter is gravity fed sieve bend is produced by means of a special technique of rotation, and the casing of the filter in one piece.

Aquaforte Smart Sieve

This gives the filter added aquafoorte and a clean look. Because there is little handiwork in sight, the production is much lower than the traditional sieve filters. The SmartSieve can therefore at a smartsievf attractive price in the market put. The SmartSieve is completely made of polyethylene and fitted with a micron stainless steel filter element. The sieve filter is supplied with a lid. Email Us – Click Here. Aeration For Koi Ponds.

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AquaForte SmartSieve

Dog Bowls and Accessories. Description Manufactures AquaForte introduces SmartSieve, a breakthrough in production technology and price range! Polyethylene manufactured gravity sieve filter. Equipped with a micron stainless steel filter element.

Including lid is supplied! More Products In This Category. Compact Sieve Pump fed only. The Compact Sieve is mechanical particle waste pre-filter before surface mounted biological stages. This unit can be connected to an existing pumped pond skimmer system. The unit must be Cetus Sieve Evolution Aqua. Cetus sieve are an excellent piece of kit it contains a bow screen pre-filter, made using the latest rotational molding technology.

These Pond Sieve’s, with all of its benefits and build quality, it is undoubtedly the best of its kind on the market today, regarding quality and performance! Pond water will flow over the top of the auto-adjustable dam A.

This dam is connected to the floater so its height is automatica This dam is connected to the floater so its height is automatically Aqua Forte Econo Sieve. The AquaForte Econo Sieve is a plain gravity fed sieve filter for a very competitive price! The emartsieve of the floating device pushes against a right-angled plate to control the flow. Fitted with two mm inlets, pump outlet 2″ male threaded connection.

The pump connection comes with a long suction