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U.S. DOD Form dod-af-afd DENTAL HEALTH SUMMARY To be completed by dental provider This Form is subject to the Privacy Act of USE. Posts about dd form d written by creativenobody. DD Form , DD Form , AF Form and AF Form D (dental). When all forms are complete, please return the form to the TRG/Medical office .

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You need to fill out one for each family member requesting travel. It needs to be filled out by their provider on or off base. This is a packet of about 11 pages and I took it to my doctor. But I submitted myself to a battery of tests that included a blood workup, urine test, pap smear, and breast exam not with a machine, just by hand.

That seemed to help and after she determined that I was in good health, she finished the paperwork for me. Needs to be filled out by a dental provider for all members over the age of 2.

U.S. DOD Form dod-af-afd

I xf that you can take it to the dentist on base but since I am in Oregon and not near a base, I just took it to Green Apple Dental here in Portland. This is just a single sheet of paper and from what I understand, if they check off number 1 or 2 you should be fine. In my case, I had box 3 checked because I had a cavity. I just went back, had the cavity fixed, and I got box 2 checked off! It was pretty easy in the end. This form is filled out wf your sponsor.

The one that I found on the web fa different than the one DH had, so it may be something that they will have to give your spouse.


Since I am not on base with DH, I will be having a phone referral next week. Someone from the EFMP office is going to call me and ask me various questions. I am not being forced by my spouse and that there are no fa at home such as alcohol or drug abuse, or physical or mental abuse. I will update on this after I have the interview next aaf and let you know how it went.

At that point, they should be able to authorize the paperwork and DH can go get his orders! After he has his orders, we will be able to begin the next steps, like planning 146d the movers and getting to Germany!


The process took less than 20 minutes.

Oregon does not have a military presence, so there are no bases to go to. After scouring the internet for clues on what to do while waiting for a response from someone on DH base I found that I could ar a single thing about Oregon and the process and I had so many questions! I am new to the military life. What I am not new to is being married. I have been married to DH for just over 10 years.

DH 14666d that he, indeed, wanted to join the military.

U.S. DOD Form dod-af-af-1466d

But after much discussion and compromise, I decided that it was not my place to aff him of his military dreams. I say compromise because DH wanted to join the Marines, which was an idea that I was not fond of!

So it was decided that he would join the Air Force.

He left for BMT in August, graduated, and went on to tech school. BMT for me was very difficult. I had never spent that much time away from him. I have to be honest, the first few weeks were very difficult and I would find myself crying over the 1466e things because I missed him so much.

Fa, I got used to sleeping alone, managing the bills, and running all the errands. DH has his phone and I talk to him every day. So if your loved one is in BMT, look at tech school as the light at the end of the tunnel. Although you still may not be able to be with them just yet, communication with them is much easier at tech school. DH received his assignment notification and it looks like we are heading to Ramstein, Germany!

So as it stands right now, I have about 10, things running through my mind!

The first of which is getting my medical clearance so DH can get his orders and we can get this show on the road! Since I am in Oregon and there is no military bases nearby, here are a few things I have questions on and I am hope that I can answer them in the next few days so if any one is searching for answers too, I might be of some help:.

DH just sent me DD form and told me to take it to my doctor. I live in Oregon and the closest MTF is 2. Am I able to see a doctor near where I live? I just went to their website and found a list of in-network providers, went to one and made an appointment for an exam. They said that they will give me an exam then fill out the forms. I will update on how the process went with filling out the forms.


When am I covered under Tricare? Am I supposed to receive something in the mail? I really have no idea! I was informed that I needed to call Tricare dental to get enrolled. You MUST have your sponsor give them authorization to enroll you. The nice man I spoke with told me that DH could call them or conference call with me to give the authorization. He assured me that they only needed DH for a brief time, just to give authorization, and then he could leave the call.

I imagine that they have received plenty of calls from spouses whose SO only had a few moments. Prior to this, I was told that DH could go somewhere on base and enroll me as well. I do not have specific details though. Visiting a dentist without insurance for DD Form D: My Tricare Dental enrollment will not start until January 1, and I cannot wait that long to fill out that form.

I made an appointment today, so I will update on that too. So this is where I am right now, holding a gigantic stack of papers with a million questions! I will update my questions as I find the answers! The process took less than 20 minutes If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to try and answer them for you!

Since I am in Oregon and there is no military bases nearby, here are a few things I have questions on and I am hope that I can answer them in the next few days so if any one is searching for answers too, I might be of some help: This site uses cookies.

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