Maldevelopment: Anatomy of a Global Failure. Front Cover · Samir Amin. United Nations University Press, – Business & Economics – pages. Hamid Ait Amara, Bernard Founou-Tchuigoua (editor) African Agriculture: The Critical Choices Samir Amin Maldevelopment: Anatomy of A Global Failure. Samir Amin. Maldevelopment: Anatomy of a Global Failure. London: Zed Books. Tokyo: United Nations University Press, pp. Index.

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Maldevelopment: Anatomy of a Global Failure – Samir Amin – Google Books

This is the old United Nations University website. Visit the new site at http: Maldevelopment – Anatomy of a global failure.

Through an interdisciplinary and global comparative framework, the Project integrates the UNU’s previous research amkn on the regional perspectives of Africa, Asia, and Latin America – research which has been undertaken over the last decade and has involved, worldwide, hundreds of researchers organized into regional networks. The comparative research into the different regions’ experiences of the s provides a basis for comprehending their expectations for the s and for formulating development strategies that would be fully cognizant of the changes that hew occurred at all levels of the global system.


Those changes have been analyzed in this Project through five main themes: Prospects for Disengagement and Development in Southern Africa The Critical Choices London and New Jersey.

Maldevelopment Anatomy of a Global Failure was first published in by: Printed and bound in the United Kingdom by Biddles Ltd. Guildford and King’s Lynn. Developing countries – Economic policy. Africa – Economic maldevelopjent – – 3.

Economic history – – 1.

Maldevelopment – Anatomy of a global failure

Sources and methods for the analysis. South of the Sahara The origins of Africa’s agricultural failure Analysing the exploitation of peasants North Africa and the Arab world: False analyses, false solutions.

Conceptions of Africa’s agricultural development: The decade of drift: The crisis of state.

Nation-state and the ideology of nation in crisis’ Ethnicity: Complexities of international relations: Africa’s vulnerability and external intervention. Alternative development for Africa and the third world. Inequality in income distribution the centre and periphery 1 The alternative: Political and social conditions for alternative development in the third world.


Impossibility of the bourgeois national state in the peripheries of the world system 1 Inequality in the worldwide expansion of capitalism; the state’s central role The worldwide spread of value 3 A return to the third sqmir Inter-African and south-south co-operation. Pan-Africanism in the light of the colonial inheritance 1 The problematic of the Arab nation 2 Afro-arab co-operation 3 Prospects for south-south co-operation 4 Notes.

A polycentric world favourable to development: The scope and stakes of the global crisis Conservative maldevelopmebt offensive The difficulties of forecasting The real options for the peoples of the West Options for socialist societies and east-west relations The genuine long-term option, transnationalization or a polycentric world and broad autocentric regions Conclusion: