Airport Directory – Plates – LSGG – GENEVE | RocketRoute LSGG – GENEVE plates LSGG AERODROME OBSTACLE CHART – TYPE A – RWY VFR Chart of LSGG. IFR Chart of LSGG. Location Information for LSGG. Coordinates: N46°’ / E6°’ View all Airports in Genève. Geneva International Airport (IATA: GVA, ICAO: LSGG), formerly known as Cointrin Geneva Operation Manual FRENCH · De-icing Procedures GVA · Charts.

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E 15 E 55 ACL location and elevation. The name of the ground handling agent shall be specified:.

AIP for SWITZERLAND (section ADLSGG) valid from 27 APR

E 12 EMERG for all services. Local flying restrictions and remarks 1.

Link A and Link D: N 45 46 The clearance distance between outer main gear and taxiway edge is at chargs 3. The name of the ground handling agent shall be specified: N 45 19 Delayed LDGs may be tolerated between and and N 46 36 At ft or above, set course in accordance with the allocated SID.


Positions 85 to 89, positions 14 to Swiss and French customs. N 46 03 E 32 E 41 A system is installed to prevent bird-strikes. Charts and other information available for briefing or consultation. N 46 08 N 46 22 cnarts E 46 He may delegate these tasks to his accredited Handling Agent.

Service range 25 NM.

Airport Directory – Plates – LSGG – GENEVE | RocketRoute

E 17 The PIC must ensure that the Fire Brigade Service is duly informed that fuelling with passengers on board also while embarking or disembarking will be conducted. Office responsible for TAF preparation Periods of validity.

E 06 E 57 E 26 Slow down and stop as indicated by the closing rate indicator. When fully ready doors closed, fuelling completed, and if required de-icing completedthe pilot shall request start-up and taxi clearance from GND N 45 52 E 03 Definition of Commercial Air Transport: Box CH Geneva N 45 29 In all cases, the ACFT rotating beacon shall be operated during the push-back procedure.


Additional information limitation of service, etc. Slot Coordination Switzerland e-mail: