Manual urgente para radialistas apasionados. Front Cover. José Ignacio López Vigil. José Ignacio López, – pages. MANUAL URGENTE PARA RADIALISTAS APASIONADAS Y APASIONADOS . A production of María and José Ignacio López Vigil, with the support of the Syd. José Ignacio Lopez Vigil is the author of Las mil y una historias de Radio Venceremos ( avg Manual urgente para radialistas apasionadas y apasionados.

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The issue was provocative: On the contrary, they guarantee it.

As Mariano Valderrama, a Peruvian communicator, noted astutely, “One thing is non-profit and another is non-productive. A Seed of Metal When speaking about owners and ownership, some people might imagine investments inaccessible to a group of neighbors or a cooperative.

López Vigil, José Ignacio [WorldCat Identities]

There are stations financed by donations from listeners, by international development agencies, by advertising and by governments. The urhente for all these stations is similar: Mothers don’t take their children to the vaccination centers.

Four have a long history: In Canada they are known as community radios.

In so doing, it educates directors and producers, making a community radio out of what, perhaps, began as a micro-enterprise formed by some unemployed people, or as an apostolic dream in the head of some missionaries, or as an experiment by a group of dissatisfied youth. This law and its regulations limit the power of so-called communal radios, prohibit advertising on them, and put them under the national security statute.


But there’s also a need to research customs and prejudices as well as to begin a dialogue with listeners so they will understand the reasons for the project.

And in that exchange, when everything is added up, it is the public that makes us feel its tastes, tells us its expectations and needs, notes its preferred schedule and teaches us to speak its language. I also take the design manual. Local radio builds identity. Being a community radio is not a declaration of principles signed on the first day of production and then put in a drawer. We must offer the floor in our media.

What is Community Radio? | amarc

Many, perhaps the majority, of our colleagues in community radio could be earning much more in other jobs. The early colonizers and the colonizers of today have wanted to convince us of our inferiority and reduce us to mute recipients of their discourses. Our communications media conceive of communication as a medium. The gap between the rich and the poor is growing at an accelerated pace: How does it defend itself against television?

At the same time, never has so much separatist zeal flourished. The doomsayers must be shown the data: The monopoly of communication would reduce us to a situation worse than that of Asimov’s peasants.

Just Jesus Volume II: The Message of a Better World

We don’t say that because we love diminutives, but out of realism, because they are within reach of the grassroots hand. This clarification may or may not be needed, but being a professional is not the same as having a university degree.


But in case of conflict, when they have to choose between God and manna, businesspeople always choose the latter. They are located in isolated rural villages and in the heart of the largest cities in the world. Secondly, it is essentially a non-profit enterprise.

Between elections, the politicians govern. What does that matter? A surprising radiallistas appeared on a Quito street: When we were defending the challenge before the Tribunal, a businessman stood up and said: Well-recorded announcements are obviously needed.

All sectors speak to each other; friends and enemies, from on top and from below, from the right, left and center.

If a community radio sells commercial mnual, has it become commercialized? This publication on Public Service Broadcasting best practices is the result of a apasiionados of discussions, conferences, and seminars that have been held over the past few years on the role and future of public service broadcasting. No one leaves; everyone accommodates themselves in the room. Take Democracy Seriously What is the participation of the immense majority of citizens reduced to in their country’s political life?