The pciniaresentation describe the life cycle of Pythium, Albugo, Erysiphae, Claviceps, Ustilago, Puccinia. both sexual spores (called oospores) and asexual spores (called sporangia) in a many-stage (polycyclic) disease cycle. infection stag heads oospore productt0n zoo spores. \. SEXUAL c germ1not1~. Oospores -overwintering spores. 8. Figure 8. Life cycle of Albugo candlda.

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White rust is an obligate parasite. It is paragynous i. So, the oospore is uninucleate. Finally they settle down on the host, retract the flagella and round off. The outer is more electron dense than the inner. The chains of sporangia lengthen and press on the epidermis above.

Albugo – Wikipedia

The haustorium arises as a lateral outgrowth at the site where the hyphal wall is tightly pressed against the mesophyll cell wall. The young ooglum has highly vacuolated contents. The hyphae grow around the palisade mesophyll cells with haustoria penetrating the adjacent cells. It is known as the coenocentrum.

The outer layer of the oospore wall is comparatively thicker. Minimizing irrigation in cool and moist seasons as well as eliminating windbreaks to allow faster leaf drying can be beneficial. Each daughter protoplast shapes into a slightly concave-convex zoospore E. Numerous uninucleate daughter protoplasts thus result. The sporangia germinate directly or indirectly depending on temperature conditions. On germination, they put out a short germ tube which enters the host through stomata Fig.


The vegetative pant body is composed of non-septate coenocytic hyphae that grow in the inter-cellular spaces of the host. By eradicating infected plants. Its formation is externally indicated by hypertrophy. Albugo Albugo candida liff, on Capsella bursa-pastoris Scientific classification Phylum: With this several other effects are also produced.

The endoplasmic reticulum becomes accumulated in the peripheral cytoplasm.

The functional female nucleus attracted towards it and becomes attached to a point near it. Cyc,e swollen multinucleate club-shaped portion is called the antheridium. The sporangia in Albugo which are cut off in succession are arranged in a basipetal chain on the sporangiophore. Increase in the size of the cells hypertrophy and organs takes place.

They are thick walled on lateral sides and thin walled at tip. Zygotic nucleus divides only mitotically and not meiotically. The second sporangium is thus formed by proliferation of the sporangiophore with total involvement of the half of the fractured transverse septum exposed by the seceding first sporangium above it. These hyphae produce, at right angles to the fycle are short, thick walled, un-branched and club shaped.

Life Cycle of Albugo (With Diagram) | Oomycetes

Reproductive Structure of Albugo With Diagram. The separation discs are dissolved by water, and the cyclf are set free. After extrusion from the oospore, the vesicle bursts and the zoospores liberate in the film of water where they move about with the help of their flagella. Symptoms of Albugo 3. Conversely, it rarely infects in warm, dry conditions. The oospores are perennating bodies and survive in adverse conditions.


Tewari and Skoropad investigated the fine structure and development of A. In Albugo, it has been observed that a species for e. The flagella are attached laterally near the vacuole. Soon it disappears, and the antheridium develops a fertilization tube. Each secretes a wall around it F. The sporangial initial arises as a bud from it A.

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These are called biological forms or physiological forms. The former is of tinsel type and the later whiplash. Each of the 17 specific races of the white rust pathogen affects different plants so monitoring is essential as much as possible to limit overuse and cost of fungicide treatments.

The liberated sporangia in turn can either germinate directly with a germ tube or begin to produce biflagellate motile zoospores. It is an elongated club-shaped cell A.

Those are not true fungi Eumycotaalthough many discussions of this organism still treat it as a fungus.