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Table of contents 1 Getting started Table of contents 4 Installing the software Kodak EasyShare c ameradock or printer dock Not shown: In some countries, the User’s Guide is provided on a CD. Contents may change without notice. Installing the software first Getting started Loading the batteries TwoAA non-rechargeable starterbatteriesare includedwith your camera.

For informationon approvedbatterytypesand extendingbatterylife, seepage 3. Foracceptable battery life, and to make sureyour cameraoperatesdependably,usethe replacementbatterieslisted above. Getting started Visit www. KodakEasyShare printer dock–powers your camera,makes4 x 6 prints with or without a computer, t ransferspictures,and charges the included KodakEasyShare Ni-MHrechargeable batterypack. Dirt on the batterycontactscanaffect batterylife.

Wipe the contactswith a clean,dry cloth beforeloading batteriesin iodak camera. Getting started Selecting a language Selecting a language, first time TheLanguage screenis displayedthe first time youturn on the camera.

Selecting a language, anytime 1 In any mode,pressthe Menubutton. Getting started 5 Whenfinished, pressthe OK button. Depending on your c omputer operating system, Mqnual EasyShare software may update t he camera clock when youconnect thecamera, See theKodak EasyShare software Help for Purchase this and other accessories a t a dealerof Kodakproducts. Cards should only be inserted as explained below. If inserted incorrectly, the door won’t close, and forcing it may damage the camera or card.

Taking pictures and videos Thecamerais readyto take picturesor videoswhen you turn it on–even if you are in Review, S hare,or Setup. Taking a kocak Turnthe Modedial to the Still modeyou want Shutter button to use: Mode dial Readylight Autoifor generalpicture-taking. TheLiveview featuresignificantly depletes batterypower,useit sparingly.

Toturn off digital zoom,from the lowest setting,press. You cannot use digital zoom forvideo recording. Using the flash Use the flash when you take pictures at night, indoors, or outdoors in heavy shadows. Taking pictures and videos Changing picture-taking settings You can change settings to koxak the best results from your camera: This setting remains until you Sepiaifor pictureswith a change the Mode dial or turn reddish-brown,antique look.

Set Album Seepage Taking pictures and videos Place the camera on a flat surface or use a tripod. Pressthe Shutter button, then move so that you are in the scene. The Self Timerlight blinks slowly for 8 seconds then quickly for 2 seconds before the picture is taken.


Taking p ictures a nd videos Third–transfer to your computer When youtransferthe tagged picturesandvideosto your computer,the KodakEasyShare s oftwareopensand categorizes cx7300 picturesand videos in the appropriatealbumfolder.

Seethe KodakEasyShare s oftware Helpfor details. Customizing your camera Use the Setup Menu to customize your camera settings. Imprintthe date on pictures. This setting remains until you change iL Video Date Display format. Video mode hooseNone,or choosea kkdak and time Displaycapturedate andtime before the video starts. Reviewing pictures and videos Press the Reviewbutton to view and work with your picturesand videos.

To savebatterypower,placeyour camerain a compatibleKodakEasyShare cameradock or KodakEasyShare p rinter dock sold separately t o review picturesand videos. Remember, press the Shutter button to take a picture anytime–even in Review.

Reviewing pictures and videos 3 Toplay or pausea video,pressthe OK button. Torewind a video, pressd during playback. To replaythe video, pressthe OK button. Reviewing pictures and videos Magnifying pictures 1 Press the Reviewbutton, then locatea picture. To magnifyat 4X, pressthe OK button again. Formatting internal memory also deletes email addresses, album names, and Favorites. To restore them, see Kodak EasyShare software Help.

Kodak EasyShare CX7300 digital camera — User’s Guide

Running a slide show Usethe SlideShowto displayyour picturesand videoson the camerascreen. Displaying pictures and videos on a television Youcan displaypicturesand videoson a televisionor any deviceequipped with a video input using a compatibleKodakEasyShare printer dock and an optionalvideo cable seethe printerdock user’sguide. Purchase these and other accessories at a dealerof Kodakproducts. Reviewing pictures and videos Copying pictures and videos Youcan copypicturesand videosfrom a cardto internalmemoryor from internal memoryto a card.

Before you copy,make sure that: A cardis insertedin the camera. Thecamera’simagestoragelocation isset to the locationfrom which you are copying. Copy pictures or videos: Mac OS X isrecommended forfullfunctionality. Install Kodak EasyShare software before connecting the camera or optional camera dock to the computer. Failure to do so may cause the software to load incorrectly. This l ets youreceive information regarding software updates and registers some ofthe products included withthecamera.

You must b econnected to your I nternet service provider toregister electronically. Toregister later, see www. If youturnedoff anti-virussoftware,turn it back on. Forinformationonthe softwareapplicationsincludedon the KodakEasyShare Sharing pictures and videos Press to “tag” your picturesandvideos.

When they aretransferredto your computer, y ou can shareusing: Print page 24 Email page 2 5 Favorites page26for easy organization o nyourcomputer a ndfor sharing onyourcamera NOTE: Tags r emain u ntilremoved, It atagged p icture o rvideo iscopied, 1 le tagisnot copiec Tagging pictures for printing 1 Pressthe Share button.



Printing tagged pictures When youtransferthe tagged picturesto your computer, t he KodakEasyShare softwareprint screenopens. Fordetails,clickthe Helpbutton in the Kodak EasyShare software. Formoreinformationon printingfrom yourcomputeror card, seepage For t hebest 4 x 6 in. Sharing pictures and videos 4 Toremovea selection,highlight a checkedaddress,then pressthe OK button. To removeall email selections, h ighlight ClearAll. Third–transfer and email When youtransferthe tagged picturesandvideosto your computer,the Install Kodak EasyShare software before connecting the camera or optional camera dock or printer dock to the computer.

Failureto do so may causethe software to load incorrectly.

Kodak EASYSHARE CX user manual – – Solve your problem

Transferring pictures and videos with the USB cable 1 Turnoff the camera. Seeyourprinter user’sguide for details. Contacta location prior to visiting. Take the cardto your local photo retailerfor professional p rinting. Printing without a computer Dockyour camera to a compatibleKodakEasyShare printer dock and print directly–without usinga computer.

Purchase this and other accessories a t a Dirt or oxidation on the Shortbattery life Wipe the contactswith a clean,dry with Kodak battery contacts. EasyShare Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

Cardwas removedor amnual Storedpicturesare Retakepicture. Troubleshooting Problem Cause Solution In Reviewmode,a Fileformat is Transferthe picture to tire computer blue or blackscreen unrecognized. Shutterbutton does Camerais not turned on.


Turn on the camera page4. Camerais processing a Wait until the readylight stops gicture;the readylight blinking redbeforeattemptingto take nearthe viewfinder is Turn on the flash page Moveso there is no morethan 7. Subjectis in front of a UseFillflash page 10 or changeyour bright light backlit. Turnon the camera page4. Batteriesare exhausted or Install new batteries page 2 or are not charged, chargerechargeable batteries. Troubleshooting Camera screen messages Message Cause Solution No imagesto display Thereare no pictures in Changeimagestorage location the current imagestorage setting page Memorycard requires Cardis corrupted or Insert a new card page7 or formatted for another formatting format the card page Noaddressbook on No Emailaddresses Createandcopyaddressbookfrom camera Connect w ith appearbecause thereisno computer.