Since , we at Knauf have been dealing with this versatile raw material and have been continually discovering innovative and intelligent applications. On this . You are, just like us, fascinated by the raw material Gypsum and you are interested to learn more about it? Then this is the right place! Just click through and. They prove their benefits day to day particularly in the building materials industry, and have been incorporated in Knauf products for decades. Even customers.

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We at Knauf made a significant contribution in developing the desulphurization technology. Alpha hemihydrate – our allrounder We manufacture alpha hemihydrate in various qualities with clearly defined property profiles. Find out more about additional gypsums. The CE-marking provides the knuaf for the marking of products within the EU and may only be used by the manufacturer if a declaration of performance is available.

The F stands for the term Flexural. Both natural materials are important in the manufacture of our products. The designations derive from differing standards: Today, gypsum is used to ensure a comfortable living environment and for creative room design.

Find out more about additional gypsums. Gypsum, a rock that is more than million years ansftzgips, is so easy to use that it has been employed as a building material for millennia. Plaster of Paris Plaster of Paris is used in pre-casts and for models for the manufacture of function spoons. Gypsum is an essential part of our natural habitat: Find out more about alpha gypsum.

From a chemical standpoint, gypsum is calcium sulphate and can be expressed with the formula CaSO 4 x 2H 2 O. With shorter settings in comparison with truck mixer products, these compounds feature optimum setting times. Alpha Gypsum As a global supplier of gypsum for industrial applications, we offer you a wide-ranging portfolio of alpha gypsums in varying degrees of whiteness and particulate grades.


This also applies to calcium sulphate binders and calcium sulphate flowing screed made from FGD gypsum.

It is then distributed using a shovel, and levelled using a timber batten, and in a third step it is smoothed with a smoothing edge or smoothed using a screed smoothing machine. Flowing Screed Binders Binders knaf perfect results.

The drying time will depend on the method and manner of drying as well as whether the drying process is supported by heating.

Knauf – Flowing screed binders

anstezgips Our modelling gypsum is the ideal material for manufacturing castings and mouldings thanks to its very high degrees of whiteness and purity and its extremely fine graining. When applied as a cooled floor, ensure that condensation does not form on the floor.

With flowing screeds for underfloor heating systems, the level of residual moisture should be wnsetzgips than or equal to 0. We manufacture aroundtonnes of calcium sulphate binder annually — at four locations in Germany. A further, very important criterion for drying of calcium sulphate flowing screeds is the observance of the required screed thickness: When not discontinued by expansion joints, the planning is simplified saving time and money for the investor, which in turn provides a more visually appealing room image.

Qnsetzgips different hemihydrates are produced depending on the calcination process used: Choose the compounds that deliver the best results for you.

Flowing Screed Binders

With customized recipe formulation and by the use of dried aggregates, both unicameral and screed materials in bags can be manufactured. No heating until dry Should you apply electrical underfloor heating on a still new flowing screed, it is vital to ensure that the screed has achieved the required readiness to accept a floor covering before applying the floor covering, as it cannot be heated until dry like normal heated screed.


As a moist, particulate flue gas gypsum also called FGD gypsumthe thermal anhydrite is directed straight into the economic cycle of the building material industry, and its uniform grain size makes it the exemplary manufacturing solution for many products. It is practically self-levelling. These compounds convince with their surface features and diversity, as they are also suitable for mobile trans-mix technology.

Binders that can be used compliant with the European standard EN are: Karst landscapes are impressive with their widely varied vegetation and numerous morphological manifestations. Alpha hemihydrate is used primarily in industrial mixtures based on its high strength and quick setting features, such as in the manufacture of moulding gypsums, gypsum based building materials and special gypsums for areas of application with specialized requirements.

Flowing screed can be heated up after just 4 to 7 days after installation so that the screed dries even faster. Technical values, areas of application, testing and application procedures. Flowing screed can be applied across the entire living space including kitchens and bathrooms. Hier erfahren Sie mehr. A further difference is the application thickness, which is about 10 mm less with calcium sulphate flowing screed.

For the pharmaceuticals industry we produce special gypsums for plaster casts as well as fillers for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Find out more about additional gypsums Material Science Get to know gypsum the building material.