JamMan Stereo Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. DigiTech JamMan Stereo Looper Pedal Manual. September 20, Pro Music Logo. Search for: Product Categories. Select a category, Amps, Instrument. 19 user reviews on DigiTech JamMan Stereo. Although you sometimes go ds manual, but navigation and menus are quite logical. Easy Edition via

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DigiTech JamMan Stereo Looper Pedal Manual | Pro Music

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User reviews: DigiTech JamMan Stereo – Audiofanzine

Easy Edition via presets internal and external mem for mem card SOUND QUALITY no effect sf beat metronome vulgar renamed via the 10ers presets that sound a bit weird and not too credible, however, they can serve as a metronome Use with guitar a priori could be quite use with a keyboard eg.

I like the sound jamkan very good with little or no mamman provided When you consider the small 32mo of bar boss dr th Did you find this review helpful?

I used to bosser the improvisations. As is easy to use-and it sells well anyway, no regrets. Integrated buttons allow you to move to the bottom of a loop on the other.

Lot of useful features: SD card, microphone input, Aux input, 99 loops, etc. To access loops via the computer, you must use a software Jam Manager. Jammanager the software needed to access the internal sounds with your computer is very bad and very buggy. When you get it to work, it will – in my case it will not launch. Prefer an SD card to the internal memory. More bug pedal made me lose half loops: No problem mmanual the basic functions, however: I have used other models: I will not give the characteristics you already know everything.

I use the output of a pre-mixer wtereo my keyboards.

All user reviews for the DigiTech JamMan Stereo

The advantage is that you can ‘tap a tempo to synchronize a loop sending a drummer and a separate click jzmman batter does not move then exit. See website builder, other opinions The doc says memory from 2 to 32 GB, but as it is anyway not possible to make loops more than 10 minutes a memory, a 16GB enough to wait for 16h and bananas memory promised. The manual is clear and sufficient? Nicke me it’s an ink cartridge to print! Editing sounds and effects is it easy? Must catch the thing is not so obvious but with training.


Ability to export the sound at Mamman that, we do what we want. Basically it serves me mobile recorder. It is quick to set up: I recorded a series of agreements that I loop in a memory and try the above arrangements. If it works, I overdube neologism Franglais. mmanual

I recorded another series of agreements in another memory I change the order of the memory as I feel like it. I try the enchainenements between memories: Phrase looper and digital. I use it with an electro-acoustic. I use it mainly as a phrase.


I also looked at the boss but one with the 4 foot controls seemed better suited to my needs. Presence of other headphones.

I’ll just liked the rhythm track has a viewing encrypted tempo with manual adjustment. This material is quite expensive and the odds in nine occas is quite high but the material seems sturdy and in any case he is a valuable aid.

The Jamman Stereo has no effect. This is a digital looper. I use it mainly with a microKorg, nothing to say. I do not separate more! This is a Loop pedal and no effect other than for Memory of sentences created, stacked loops.

It is the principal. Uh, editing, no, no effect, for one can speak against the recording and overdubbing that restore a sound quality and not scratch like other brands.

Keyboards, guitars and vocals, Jammman think this model is very accomplished and versatile. I like his time recording, quality overdub, brief as it was all said: Looper a real no frills. The SL 20for example, an interesting effect which causes it to have much longer loops than those authorized or the voice Live playI really had to replace my RC20 XL mono exceeded at any point of view, mnaual that helped more. At that price, Jammna do not get any better because there are better and there will be even better, mmanual I found what I needed.


This is an excellent value for money, I do not regret my choice to date, I would do so. It’s a looper that fills this function very well. The sound quality is there, no background noise. Audio files are in. Please note there is no pedal for talent We can begin the initial loop the first -Either by triggering with the foot Be-by calibrating a sound level it starts recording when you send the sauce. Possibility of launching the drum ja,man binary and not a real battery beep beep as in the previous model.

The drum will be able 4 before starting the recording so you stall then your turn to 4,8,16, 32 bars It takes time to adapt to the mastery of the craft, to manage the overlay loop SOUND QUALITY – No significant effect is a looper, nothing more, but it does it srereo well – The reverse effect reading backwards is the gadget, but gives an effect “violins” – You can play with headphones small jack -The sound of the voice is very good, but takes some serious should be a microphone equalizer before Well it’s more a whim than anything else The old Jamman records on compact flash card.

What I love most: When the price in store is of euros! Super expensive anyway for a model that has not undergone changes to manifest from footswicth. For stereo output and what is missing I do not know about the others I plugged my stero Tremolo and Chorus pedals The big jammxn was like the Boss RC to have separate loops Cookies help us manal performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

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