Praise for Trading with Intermarket Analysis “John Murphy makes it absolutely clear that all markets are interrelated. It would be silly to trade stocks without. The following is a summary of our recent interview with market technician John Murphy, which can be accessed on our site here or on iTunes. In finance, intermarket analysis refers to the study of how “different sectors of the market move in relationships with other sectors.” Technical analyst John J. Murphy pioneered this field.

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Diversifying with Real Estate We also saw a sharp drop in the dollar.

Trading with Intermarket Analysis [Book]

This benefits large multinational stocks that derive a large portion of their sales overseas. Falling Dollar During Boosts Commodities This book is a must-read for all serious traders. I thoroughly recommend it for beginners and professionals. The subsequent threat of global deflation pushed money out of stocks and into bonds.

Trading with Intermarket Analysis

Request permission to reuse content from this title. The best part of Trading with Intermarket Analysis is that these critical market interactions are vividly illustrated with more than color charts, providing valuable food for thought not only for chartists but also fundamentalists, as an understanding of intermarket connections is essential for all traders. As a daily practitioner of intermarket analysis, I thought I knew most aspects of this invaluable subject, but this book gave me several new ideas.


Stocks Commodities Magazine October described his intermarket work as ‘unparalleled’. Murphy’s Intermarket Analysis is truly the most efficient and unambiguous way to define economic and fundamental relationships as they unfold in the market. This is an essential read for all investors. Copper and oil in particular, but also base metals such as aluminum and steel, have been surging over the last 6 months.

Obviously, a big advance in commodities would be bearish intermzrket bonds. It simply means that the inflationary forces are stronger than the deflationary forces. Futures Markets and Asset Allocation There will come a point in the cycle where rising commodity prices trigger inflation, and the Fed will get aggressive, he stated.

By extension, a weak Dollar is also generally bearish analusis bonds. Armed with a knowledge of how economic forces impact various markets and financial sectors, investors and traders can profit by exploiting opportunities in markets about to rise and avoiding those poised to fall. Here’s what he had to say on our podcast about what’s taking place currently in the markets. There are clear relationships between stocks and bonds, bonds and commodities, and commodities and the Dollar.

The Economics of Commodity Markets. Countries with strong economies and strong balance sheets have stronger snalysis.

Intermarket Analysis

Start Free Trial No credit card required. Stocks fell sharply, Treasury bonds rose sharply, and US interest rates interkarket. Yes, stocks and interest rates rise together. In this valuable abalysis book, the master of technical analysis teaches all of us how to monitor and profit from intermarket relationships. A visual guide to market trading using intermarket analysis and exchange-traded funds With global markets and asset classes growing intermarkett more interconnected, intermarket analysis the analysis of related asset classes or financial markets to determine their strengths and weaknesses has become an essential part of any trader’s due diligence.

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Inhe was given the first award for outstanding contribution to global technical analysis by the International Federation of Technical Analysts, and received a lifetime achievement award from the same organization in Table of Contents Intermarket Analysis.

For that reason, John Murphy is referred to as the father of intermarket analysis with his books a standard reference among technicians. Intermarlet Energy World is Flat: Murphy, former technical analyst for CNBC, lays out the technical and intermarket tools needed to understand global markets and illustrates how they help traders profit in volatile climates using exchange-traded funds.

This marked a decoupling between stocks and bonds that would last for many years. InJohn was given the first award for outstanding contribution murhy global technical analysis by the International Federation of Technical Analysts, and is the recipient of the Market Technicians Association Annual Award.