Ashar 29 (July 13, ) and the Interim Constitution of Nepal The English translation is based on that which was initially done by Mr. Hereby promulgate this Interim Constitution, of Nepal, drafted through political consensus, for an interim period until a New Constitution. The Prime Minister shall appoint the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council, and the Chief.

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The Interim Constitution of Nepal – 2063 (2007 AD) Part II – English

Registration required nepla securing recognition for the enpal of contesting elections as a political party: Immediately after the commencement of this Constitution, the Legislature-Parliament shall be constituted under this Constitution. The exploiting actions shall be punishable by the law and the person who is treated in such manner shall be compensated in accordance with the law. If an understanding cannot be reached pursuant to Clause 1the Prime Minister shall be elected by a majority of two-thirds of the members of Legislative- Parliament.

The tenure of the Attorney General shall be at the discretion of the Prime Minister. There shall be required numbers of Committees and Sub-Committees in the Constituent Assembly as provisioned by the law.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – ( AD) Part II – English | Canada Foundation for Nepal

Right to Employment and Social Security: Languages used in such manner shall be translated in the official language of the state for record. The Nepali Language in the Devnagari script shall be the official language for Government businesses. The Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal has now been repealed. There shall be complete freedom of speech in the Constituent Assembly and no member shall be arrested, detained or prosecuted in any court for anything said or any vote cast in the Constituent Assembly.

Every employee and worker shall have the right to proper work exercise. The remuneration and other conditions of service of the Chief Election Commissioner and the Election Commissioners shall not, so long as they hold office, be altered to their disadvantage. No question shall be raised in any court as to whether or not rules pursuant to Clause 2 above have been observed.


The Interim Constitution of Nepal – ( AD) Part I – English | Canada Foundation for Nepal

If an understanding cannot be reached, a majority of two-thirds of its total members shall elect them. The expenditure amount as per the Appropriation Act shall be specified under appropriate heads and recorded in the Appropriation Bill. Pursue the policy of establishing the rights of all citizens to education, health, housing, employment, and adequate food. This provision made pursuant to Clause 1 shall be applicable even to Constituent Assembly.

The Orders issued in this manner shall be operative with the same force and effect as law so long interjm the state of emergency lasts. Powers relating to justice in Nepal shall be exercised by courts and other judicial institutions in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, with the laws and with the recognized principles of justice.

Procedures Relating to the Conduct of Business: Until the time such regulation is framed, the House shall itself regulate its operational procedure. Every citizen shall have the right to free basic health service in accordance with the provision made by the government in the law.

If any member is so arrested, the official making such arrest shall have to immediately inform the person chairing the parliament. The State shall pursue the policy of gradually speeding the pace of rural development taking into consideration the interest of the vast rural population.

Such Fund shall be under the control of the Government of Nepal and any unforeseen expenditures shall be met out of such Fund by the Government of Nepal. Adopt the policy of taking strict action and punishing individuals who illegally amass property while holding government posts of profit making.

Follow the policy of protecting and maintaining national industries and resources of the country.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – 2063 (2007 AD) Part I – English

Every citizen shall have the right to employment according to the provisions made by the law. The arrested person should be brought before judicial authority within 24 hours of the arrest excluding the time required to travel.

The Prime Minister can, on the recommendation of the concerned political party, appoint Assistant Ministers from amongst the members of Legislative-Parliament to assist any If in executing his duty.


The Council of Minister shall form a special committee for the monitoring, adaptation and rehabilitation of the combatants of the Maoist Army, and the functions, duties and powers of the committee shall be as determined by the Council of Ministers. Any thing, service or benefits that is produced or distributed, anyone shall not be denied from purchasing or getting those services, benefits or things nor shall those things, services or benefits be sold or distributed to certain special caste or race.

No person shall, on the basis of caste, be discriminated against as untouchable, be denied access to any public place, or be deprived of the use of public utilities or be denied entry into public religious places or be denied to perform any religious ceremony. If he resigns in writing, If he does not or has ceased to possess the qualifications referred to in Article 65 If he remains absent for ten consecutive meetings without pre-notification to the Assembly, If the party of which he was a member when elected provides notification in the manner set forth by law that he nepall abandoned the party or notifies that he no longer holds the membership of the party, If he dies, Explanation: No person who is accused of any offence shall be compelled to be a witness against oneself.

To garner public support and assistance for their ideology, philosophy and programme, they can carry out or cause to carry out publicity and any other activities for that purpose. If he submits written resignation, If his membership in the Constituent Assembly no longer remains, If at least two thirds majority members of the Constituent Assembly pass a proposal against his conduct, or If he dies.

Any decision, order or certification issued in the name of the Nepal Government as provisioned in Clause 3 shall be as provisioned consitution the law. Hepal shall be one House of Legislative-Parliament in Nepal which shall consist of the following members: