The HPCX was the same as the HPCV but added the Time module The phonebook-sized manual dwarfed the calculator, let alone the tiny ROM. View and Download HP CX quick reference manual online. HPCX Calculator pdf manual download. Hp HPCX Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp HPCX Service Manual, Quick Reference Manual.

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Delivers highly accurate results! Original HPC cardboard box in good condition.

A calculator with cult status. Interestingly, the “print stack” command is listed incorrectly as “PRST”. The “flying goose” and the “backwards flying goose”. It is also one of the first calculators with support for alphanumeric strings – but in my opinion this makes the display hard to read.

Memory space is shared between programs and data storage, allocation is performed using the SIZE command. A picture of the serial interface connector. Did not put back the label which covers the screws. Unfortunately, my cleaning efforts made things even worse not visible on the picture. Excellent condition, fully functional.


Only one such module could be installed. A HPCV with added extended memory, a built-in timer module and the extended functions module. Rather large with no other markings. Also, there isa label reading “34 03 “. Older units will be completely reset, newer units perform a “soft reset”. Apparently, only two such modules could be installed.

Various information on “synthetic programming”. Rather, indirect access jp41cx be used. You can enter a program that starts with a local label.

Hewlett Packard HP-41C/CV/CX/CL

The HPA memory module added 64 registers. A very popular calculator.

The HPA hp41cd module increased the extended memory space by registers bytes. None powered from HP calculator. Program “ST” speed test is the core speed test program. Infrared module Hp41x, serial number After the listing has been stopped when this “END” is displayed switching to PRGM mode will display the program and it is possible to delete it step-by-step to reclaim program memory. Both reader and manual in excellent condition.


Math 1 ROM module, part no. Also, it is not possible to use “CLP” to delete the memory occupied by the program!


And although it looks modern it is rather slow. Apparently broke at some time because the enclosure is glued. The HPA quad memory module added registers giving a total of registers. Additional 75 Magnetic Cards.

One register can hold up to 7 program steps 7 bytes. Specifies the amount of number registers nnn to allocate. Refer to the table on the back of the calculator for special keys ie. White keyboard overlay with normal function codes.