The character rate is the number of bit characters per second transmitted across one HDMI data channel. This is. portions of the High-Definition Multimedia Interface Specification Release b published by HDMI. Licensing, LLC. Contact Information. This document is provided under the terms and conditions of the HDMI SPECIFICATION PORTION. LICENSE AGREEMENT which must be.

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Jared Norman Dec 12, Cables are not the most attractive technologyespecially when compared to gaming consoles, speakers, and HDTVs. It used to be that there were a myriad of different cables for every aspect of home entertainment, but HDMI has changed all of that. HDMI is one cable that can be used for almost everything in your home entertainment system.

But HDMI has changes versions so many times it can be hard to keep up with the different versions. Here are all the versions and what features they offer. However, there are a lot of things that Hdim 1. This was the first spec to hit the mass market.

It was an attempt to bring the PC market into focus and compete with the new DisplayPort standard. This was a very small change that clarified consumer vfr.1.4a control CECa feature that promised smart interoperation between different components.

The increased bandwidth requirements made this update a disaster.

Active solutions began to be available to try and solve some of the distance problems, but they were expensive. Even today there a lot of people are confused about cable certifications and how far a signal can reliably travel across a cable.


The positive thing about this update is that it allowed for Deep Color or the use of the xvYCC expanded color space. This was an incremental change, mostly and adjustment for manufacturers using CEC and Type C connectors.

There are no practical differences between 1. These versions define testing for products based on the 1. There’s no difference in features, function, or performance over the HDMI 1.

This is another major specifiication that increases bandwidth to 18 Gbps and includes increased support for 4k video, including dual video to the same display. The increased bandwidth also allows you to watch 4k content at a full 50 or 60 fps, which is necessary for gaming or live TV.

HDMI Releases a Specification | Audioholics

Additionally, with HDMI 1. Check out our line of standard and premium HDMI cables to find the right cable for you. Speecification will never share your personal information with third parties.

Read our privacy policy. Your time is far too valuable to be waiting on the phone, plus, who likes to get transferred only to have to explain the issue again?

If you leave your info and details about your request, we will get the right person to call you back as soon as we can.

Everything you need to know About HDMI Version Updates

Of course, veg.1.4a can always call us directly during regular business hours at Thank you for submitting your review! Your feedback helps us provide you with better products! My Account My Orders. Jared Norman Dec 12, Cables are not the most attractive technologyespecially when compared to gaming consoles, speakers, and HDTVs. Specs Increased bandwidth to Mhz Specs Increased bandwidth to 18 Gbps Resolutions of up to 4k at 50 and 60 fps Up to 32 spefification channels Up to kHz audio sample frequency Simultaneous delivery of dual video streams to multiple users on the same screen Simultaneous delivery of multi-stream audio to up to 4 users Support for wide angle There’s a lot we only tell our email subscribers about.


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Everything you need to know About HDMI Version Updates –

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