Graceful Wicked Masques is a great read, with excellent comics and art. Mechanically there are some bumps. If you are running an Exalted game or want to play. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Graceful Wicked Masques – The Fair Folk: The Manual Of Exalted Power at Read honest and. They put on graceful, wicked masks and pretend to be someone with emotions for a while, but at the end of the day they’re a multidimensional.

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Index of /rpg/books/exa/Exalted 2nd Edition/Manual of Exalted Power

A massues sourcebook for Exalted, Second Edition, featuring: Lords of Chaos By which the book means those Raksha who hang away far massques Creation and genuinely have no shape. Tedthulhu rated it liked it May 02, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. No raksha believes in the literal truth of this gracfeul, but it frames the context of the opposition between the denizens of the Wyld and the Creation-born.

They are not tangible, physical creatures with motives that the philosophers among the Creation-born can parse and puzzle out.

Where the power levels aren’t completely out of whack, the Raksha are loaded down with only-in-the-Wyld mechanics and abilities while the Wyld is completely inimical to anyone from the other splats not specifically fortified against it with the right charms and abilities.

Index of /rpg/books/exa/Exalted 2nd Edition/Manual of Exalted Power

Petros rated it really liked it Jun 28, Nawaf Mesad rated it it was ok Aug 16, Not-reality consisted only of the absence from which the whole of Time Not had been taken. Geek Market Trades Geek Store. Psychological problems caused by ravishment or incumbrance typically cause the challenger to act in accordance with the Imperative the Emanation represents.


In other Ring tests, the Ring Emanation might be a more direct character, such as a stern puritan who seeks to physically punish the challenger for some perceived or genuine character flaw.

Embodying pure concepts that exist in and even beyond the Wyld, the shinma abide somewhere between natural laws and idiot gods, venerated and studied by the raksha as well as the Primordials and the Exalted savants of the High First Age. Jason Valletta rated it liked it Jun 30, Oh and there’s no attempt whatsoever at actually making it compatible with other Exalted splats. The raksha are, instead, sentient stories and living myths exerting the narrative power of which they are made up on one another and on Creation.

nasques When they move upon the deeps of chaos or even in the shallows where Creation and the Wyld overlap, they can alter the nature of the fluid reality that surrounds them in ways that best suit their purposes. Accordingly, he usually incumbers those he defeats in questing battles to explore some aspect of that emotion. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.

To the best of the knowledge of the raksha, this period is simply Time Not. Denizens of the Wyld that surrounds Creation, the raksha continue to wage war on shaped reality. It is, rather, a philosophical parable the raksha choose to understand about their origin and that of their bitterest enemies.


Were Creation an expression of the perfection that is natural to the raksha, there would be no history, for there would be no time, no succession of events and masqus actors to carry out those events.

Hardcoverpages. They consider it a conceit of lesser minds to chain recollections of interesting events too strictly to the drudgery of a single timeline, or even to rely overmuch on the strictures of causality.

Each unshaped has one Imperative for each of its Graces.

Graceful Wicked Masques: The Fair Folk

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Refresh and try again. Please select a support frequency. He often favors the shape of a virile hunter or huntress whose identity is suggested by the presence of nine rabbit pelts attached to his or her belt.

John Iii rated it liked it Feb 08, Tony rated it liked it Apr 26, The stories the wjcked would prefer to tell concern only themselves and are timeless besides. Sagacious Embryonic Wanderer generally manifests in a most disturbing form—as a rainstorm of tiny, male embryos falling from the heavens onto the heads of those who intrude into his domain.