Dungeoneer is the core rulebook for the Advanced Fighting Fantasy role-playing game system that was published in by Puffin. In addition. Direct your friends in exciting Fighting Fantasy adventures! IAN LIVINGSTONE The choice is yours, and Dungeoneer makes the exciting world of fantasy. Dungeoneer has 44 ratings and 4 reviews. Jason said: Whereas the original Fighting Fantasy: The Introductory Role-playing Game book by Steve Jackson turn.

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What is Fighting Fantasy? Then let figbting cameras roll. AllansiaTitan Publication Details Author s: Dungeoneer does include the Oops table, which is a great addition.

Phil rated it liked it Nov 10, A spellcaster must have a least 1 in the Magic characteristic and one point in one special skill: The choice is yours, and Dungeoneer makes the exciting world of fantasy roleplaying accessible in a thoroughly user-friendly fighfing.

The maps on the inside were by Leo Hartas and Steve Luxton. However, as introduced in the excellent Troika!

Retrieved from ” http: To ask other readers questions about Dungeoneerplease sign up. Thanks for telling us about the problem. AFF is chiefly meant to facilitate the games master to write his or her own adventures inspired by Fighting Fantasy.


It takes place in the world of Titan. The Introductory Role-playing Game book by Steve Jackson turned the choose your own adventure fightng into a role playing game without adding much except advice and a couple dungeon adventures, Dungeoneer fleshes out the rules enough to get you past your third session.

Fighting Fantasy Dungeoneer

James rated it really liked it Mar 05, A player charactercalled Hero, is defined by:. Aidan Hennessy rated it really liked it Dec 19, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There is then a full adventure, fantssy by a few suggestions on how the GameMaster could go about running a full AFF campaign.

There are two adventures included, the first Tower of the Sorcerer is a linear dungeon crawl single rooms off one corridorwith a twist at the end.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Fighting Fantasy is the title figthing to a series of interactive novels also known as gamebooks that were developed by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. The book begins with a simple overview of the rules of the system and a sample adventure to introduce players and GameMasters to the rules.

The rules provide difficulty adjustments for given situations e. The players bring him back to life using a Crystal of Power in order to gain vital information. Sharon Shaw rated it really liked it Sep 06, Linda Clark rated it really liked it Jan 25, Thrown With Great Force rated it liked it Dec 21, Imagine that you are the director and your friends are the cast of heroes. Unlike the gamebooks, the characteristics and special skills are not rolled but are bought with creation points.


Dungeoneer (book) | Titannica | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Advanced Fighting Fantasy 1. Anthony rated fightinng it was amazing Jan 08, Other publications, such as the Titan worldbook, was republished as-is with no system specific info. This system is based on skillshere called “Special Skills”.

The second one Revenge of the Sorcerer is linked to the first, and in two parts: It worked fine for us, and has become a base of operations now — Port Blacksand is properly fleshed out in the next book in the series. Me rated it it was amazing May 07, A second edition was published in Follow Fighting Fantasy on Twitter.

This means you could be attacked by the goblins three times and not get to act at all, or you could cut down two goblins before they can choose to do anything.