They are found in extreme environment Classification of Archaebacteria ™ Methanogens obligate anaerobes that produce methane from. Archaebacteria dan Eubacteria. MZ. marsha zahrani. Updated 17 Ciri-ciri Eubacteria. Eubacteria. Archaebacteria. Prokariotik. Terima Kasih. Transcript of Archaebacteria dan Eubacteria. Dilihat dari metabolisme dan ekologi. Metanogen KLASIFIKASI MODERN BAKTERI Domain.

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According to scientists, there are six differentiated kingdoms into which living things can be divided.

Difference Between Eubacteria and Archaebacteria

The eubacteria and archaebacteria are probably the least known eubadteria this categorization. Eubacteria and archaebacteria are two very different kinds of bacteria, each with their own identities and use in our daily lives. Archaebacteria are one of the oldest of organisms found on planet earth. They are composed of a single cell and are called prokaryotes.

Interestingly, archaebacteria are usually found under extremes of conditions. This is not surprising considering the fact that they were one of the first organisms on earth- at a time when earth was a planet with poisonous gases and unbearable heat. The archaebacteria was one of the only organisms that could survive in that unfriendly condition.

The Eubacteria are the common ones we refer to when we are generally talking about bacteria. They are complex in structure and are found under neutral conditions. You can find Eubacteria in a variety of conditions, for instance, you can find them in the human body, in some dzn yikes!


Archaebacteria are usually categorized into three groups. In the insect kingdom, these groups are called phyla. The phyla under Archaebacteria include methanogens, the halophiles and the themoacidophiles.

Methanogens harvest energy by changing H2 and CO2 into methane, hence the name. The second category, the halophiles, also has a reason behind the names. Did you know that these bacteria thrive in salt? Most bacteria die off under salty conditions, but that helps the halophiles thrive and prosper.

Themoacidophiles thrive under acidic conditions. They also like high temperatures and can happily survive in areas that have degrees Fahrenheit temperatures and low eubactera.

Eubacteria has four phyla groups, silly! The cyanobacteria are bacteria that are photosynthetic in nature. This means that they can use the suns energy to prepare their own food.

Archaebacteria dan Eubacteria | taufanaffandy

They also release oxygen as a byproduct. These are usually found in water. Spirochetes are usually called gram negative bacteria. They may be parasites, living off the host or they may live in a symbiotic relationship with the host.

Spirochetes can also live by themselves. The other group is the gram positive bacteria.

This includes your friendly neighborhood bacteria producing that delicious yogurt and the not so friendly one that gives you a sore throat! It is a fact that the eubacteria have been studied more extensively by human beings.

There a two main reasons behind this. Archaebacteria usually live in the most hostile of environments, even in volcanic vents.


For this reason, it is less practical to study them. Moreover, all the pathogens we know of are under the group called eubacteria.

Archaebacteria dan Eubacteria by marsha zahrani on Prezi

Also, some of these eubacteria have economic importance-for instance the lactobacillus. This has made it a more interesting subject of study. Eubacteria live under neutral conditions, while archaebacteria live under extremes 2.

Archaebacteria are single celled creatures, while Eubacteria are more complex in nature 3.

Eubacteria has been studied more by human beings because they are found in greater numbers in their environment. They have also been studied more extensively because some have economic importance. It really cleared my doubt about the difference between archaebacteria aud eubacteria….

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