A smart card is like an “electronic wallet”. Imagine the of electronic data, and the freedom to carry that information anywhere on integrating the smart card with personal computer (PC). This . Electronic Access System Using Microcontroller” are: .. Contact less technology brings many benefits to secure ID systems. Projects, Final Year Project Titles, Electronics Projects based on Microcontroller, electronics projects, circuit diagrams, PCB layouts, 89C51, 89S51, 89C52, 89S52, UNIQUE ID CARD DESIGN FOR PERSONAL DATA TRANSACTIONS USING SOPHISTICATED MULTIPURPOSE CARD USING SMARTCARD. 1,2,3,4 Asst. Professor,Dept. of Electronics, DBACER Nagpur The RFID card reader is used as an identity for a particular users. Keywords—ATM, microcontroller 89c51,GSM Module, RFID Reader, EM Lock hacking passwords and personal information is more and some time it is difficult to remember the PIN number.

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A 5V dc Stepper motor is fixed at the front wheel lever directly. It enables the vehicle to rotate left or right through any angle. The electrical pulses generated from the micro controller directly control the movement of the stepper motor.

A stepper motor is an electromagnetic device that translates electrical pulses into mechanical movement. Circuit diagram of stepper motor interfacing is shown bellow.

First 4 pins port 2 is connected to motor. Power transistors must be connected to drive the motor. We are fitting three IR sensors along with pedsonal transmitter at the front of the vehicle in such an angle that the sensor will detect the signal only if certain obstacle is placed at the front of microcontoller vehicle at a distance of around infofmation inches.

This range of detection can be further adjusted by adjusting the amplitude of transmitter or by adjusting the angle of alignment between the transmitter and the sensor. All these sensors work independently and can sense the obstacle that comes at the front of the vehicle through different position independently. Thus with these three sensors, we are able to cover the entire frontal view of the vehicle at a distance of 3 inches. The circuit diagram of the transmitter and the receiver are given below:.


Transmitter circuit is used to transmit the IR rays. To generate IR signal IC infomration astable multivibrator is used. As a result the monostable is triggered and a short pulse is applied to port 2. Circuit diagram is shown below. Do the same circuit two more times and connect it into 6 and 7 of port 2. On getting the command of turn left, the vehicle turns towards left with 30 degree and after 3sec; it comes back to the original position. The onformation in which the vehicle rotates, and the timing of coming back to microcontrollet original position can be further adjusted based on our desired.

Right turn is same as that of left turn except for the fact that on getting command it turns towards right. All the modifications those are valid for the left turn is also true in this case. There after its control is hand over to carx beginning state. In about turn, the vehicle turns backward in two steps same as we did in our normal car. In first step the vehicle move only 90 degree and repeat the same in second step.

Robotic car using 8951 Microcontroller

On getting the command to park left, the vehicle parks on the left side of the road in a single step. In auto mode, the vehicle can be programmed to move at a particular place and park there. While moving, if any obstacle comes at the front of the vehicle, it will deviate its path automatically and come to the original path. The place microcontroler the vehicle is desired to move is the choice of the user; it can be either straight or bent path. In our model, we have put three sensors at the front of the vehicle, so it is up to the user that, by what angle the vehicle should deviate.

Further, it can be programmed on which side it should deviate, either left or right identificqtion on our desired.

To alert the user that the vehicle is deviating an obstacle, a musical sound system is fitted in the vehicle, so that whenever it is deviating any obstacle, it will also play a music simultaneously.


It is the combination of both auto and manual mode. Here the vehicle can be commanded to move, to turn left or right. Further, while moving, if any obstacle comes on its path, it will deviate and come to its original path after deviating.

However, if so happen that informatlon coming to the original path, the sensor detects another obstacle; it will halt the movement of the vehicle, and play an alarm music as long as the obstacle is detected. The moment second obstacle is removed; the vehicle will continue its earlier execution. Want to build your own robot? Check out these robotics products and kits that you can use ellectronic get started on building a bot, either totally from scratch or by using a kit.

We are a group of young techies trying to provide the best study material for all Electronic and Inofrmation science students. I need more information rgrdng ths prjct……circuit…. Dear sir i also want to do this project so please send me all required component and its microcontroller code as well in the following Email ID: I liked the project very much and want to make this in my project.

Usinng send all information on my id:: Sir, I have selected this as my final year project so plz send me complete detail with code to my mail.

Robotic car using Microcontroller | – Part 2

I need more information about this project. And I also want to know the feature, description and all those think of microcontroller.

Click here to cancel reply. Email will not be published required. Water level indicator cum controller. Electronic Identification and Personal Information card using Microcontroller. Vehicle Monitoring and Security System. Robotic car using Microcontroller.

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