Cardan Drive-Shafts. Series: Md Lim: bis Nm. cardan drive-shafts, universal joints, precision cardan-shafts according to DIN. Facts and figures. Employees: Production area: m². Elbe Italia Sud.

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You are logged in as a guest. It sounds like its on the left side as your sitting in the seat and seems to be in time with the speed of the drive shaft going out to the hub.

Plant South Haven

Anyway just looking to see if anyone else has run into this and has anyone bought u joints from anyone else. Forums Classifieds Skins Language.

Message format Flat Threaded Nested. Ok I have a squeaking gelekne the front end of this tractor, it only happens when I turn left with the front end engaged.


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I would put a prybar in under the CV joint to make sure its worn. If you have duals on its a little more fun but overall not to hard. I was wondering if someone made just the CV joint too, but we were down and trying to get planting so we just bought the whole thing and threw it in.

When we talked to our dealer they were thinking the CV joints werent heat treated properly, or lubed correctly from the factory.

I think this problem was only on the earlier R’s, perhaps it could be an issue on late 30’s. My with ILS behaved pretty much this same way. I thought U joints as well.

Elbe Group: Cardan Drive-Shafts

It ran this way for some time. As you have found out this is very costly. Mine went out while I was recovering from Knee Surgery so I did not get involved, but one of my partners did the work.


I wasn’t aware of this until later when I noticed a part that wasn’t painted. I also noticed this when greasing the front end as some zerks on one side were not in the same place on the other side.

I don’t remember the amount but it was a lot. So is the replacement better?