The Cognitive style of PowerPoint by Edward Tufte. Żaklina Sochacka. 2/20 cognitive adjective formal related to the process of knowing, understanding, and. Edward R. Tufte. The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within. Следующий Слайд. [NEXT SLIDE, PLEASE). ANFAli FulhL HET. FOR RE-. Trevor Murphy, Research based methods for using powerpoint, animation, and video for instruction, Proceedings of the 32nd annual ACM SIGUCCS fall.

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This was a much more engaging read than I expected it to be. This information packet helped me re-work a friends presentation to Ford Motor company that Very short and to the point, this book deconstructs everything that is bad about PowerPoint-based presentations mostly how PowerPoint ends up dominating the presentation over the person giving it rdward how Microsoft-created templates are now providing bad speakers with a bad default crutch.

What is the problem with PowerPoint? Tufte would have a field day. I also rely more and more on images in my talks, because that’s what a screen is really great for!

I like his argument — but disagree with it in the end. That said this is a really odd book.

Sorry folks, the preamble is much longer than the review this time. No trivia or quizzes yet. He shows some cringe-worthy examples and especially dives deep into a critique of the PowerPoint slides supplied during the investigation of the Columbia accident. Soon after, she convinced me to spend most of my year’s allowance of professional-development funds to attend a one-day workshop led by Edward Tufte, an emeritus professor of statistics from Yale.

May 28, Gladstone rated it really liked it Shelves: Roboto rated it it was ok. After sitting though many abusive Power Point presentations, I got to thinking there’s got to be a better way and began doing research It’s not just a cranky old academic complaining about style.

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Presentations are Corrupting per Edward Tufte’s “The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint”

How PowerPoint by its very design produces poor misleading or ineffective communications. Tufte provides a few useful tips for making good presentations with PowerPoint and reasons for ditching it entirely. But I hate clip art He has very sound arguments cognitivee why most corporate presentations are really content-less and annoying, but I’m less certain that PowerPoint itself is really to blame for people putting irritating graphics and themes into their presentations.

And also to replace serious analysis with chartjunk, over-produced layouts, cheerleader logotypes and branding, and corny clip art. An excellent pamphlet on inappropriate slideware use. I first learned PowerPoint while I was a graduate student in the s. I read a library copy of this essay; then immediately bought my own. Tufte states that, “PP templates for statistical graphs and data tables are hopeless.

For anyone who has suffered through more PowerPoint presentations than is reasonable to inflict on an unsuspecting universe — this will show you just how stupid the powwrpoint can make the message. For a few of those years I was an in-house software trainer in a mid-sized specialty food packaging company, where training managers to use Microsoft products was a big part of my job.

Presentations are Corrupting per Edward Tufte’s “The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint”

The answer is, I should expect my son to come up with some valuable information and transfer it to his audience for me, I’m a pretty blank slate here. So, everything ends up being written in headlines or rather haiku and this means that the text on the screen is ambiguous at best. Except that thinking cognitivr rarely this hierarchical as he says, this stuff is Medieval in its structures — a place for everything and everything in its place.


Not until the end and for only one page does he offer “suggestions” to “improve” presentations, which is just more PowerPoint bashing rather than helpful advice. Presentation software is no replacement for more technical forms of documentation and prose when making decisions.

Seeing the examples in here makes it even more alarming. I felt like I was being yelled at and being told I was wrong, regardless of what I thought of PowerPoints, and that his way is the only way.

However, it suffers from two great failings: Having some familiarity with my son, and now having some familiarity with the inherent limitations of PP, I realize that it was not entirely my son’s fault that his presentation taught me something vaguely about potatoes. He is an expert in the presentation of informational graphics such as charts and diagrams, and is a fellow of the American Statistical Associa Edward Rolf Tufte born in Kansas City, Missouri to Virginia and Edward E.

Tufte Snippet view – Aug 06, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Oct 27, Kristin rated it it was amazing. In it, Tufte takes aim not at the use of PowerPoint, stylw at what can go wrong when used as intended.