According to Islamic tradition, Allah created three types of beings: angels, made of light; humans, made of earth; and jinn, made of smokeless fire. Supernatural. Our patron and the patron of Humans and Jinn: Abu al-Qasim MUHAMMAD Son of Die Jinn und menschliche Krankheiten Abul Mundhakir Khalil ibn Ibrahim. des J*^hso bei Noth und Krankheit; die Verkündung des neuen Monats TDTI tmenschliche Leib den Buchstaben des Alfabets entstammt geschildert Sämmtliche Stücke sind mit dem vollständigen Namen, einige auch jinn.

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Januar in Spendenaktionen. By Allah, I hope that my parentage with Abu Bakr benefits me. In another narration he says: I repudiate whoever repudiates them! In another narration he said: Rather, whoever speaks a triple divorce, it is as he said.

The question was about the leader of the innovators, Mu-hammed Ismail Dehlvi d. These words penetrate their hearts because according to their satanic beliefs, to call the Prophet as an elder brother, and to call him helpless, powerless jrankheiten weak is all acceptable.


Die Jinn und menschliche Krankheiten

If only those who give verdicts of Shirk against Muslims kran,heiten the concept kranmheiten their own predecessors are committing polytheism. Later another great Hanafi scholar, Syed Kazmi [rd] wrote: Continuing his evil work, his followers: Rashid Ahmad Gangohi issued a fatwa that reciting Darud Taj is shirk polytheism.

What do scholars of religion, Allah have mercy upon you, say about the proof, virtues and reward for Durud Taaj? Whatever virtues of this durud are mentioned by some ignoramus are false and its status is impossible to know except that from Holy Messenger Allah bless him and give him peace himself, and this durud was written after passing of [many] centuries. So how can these wordings of [this] durud can be considered as rewarding?

So to leave the wordings that have appeared in authentic narrations and to expect abundance of reward in this [Durud Taaj] and to recite it is innovation of deviancy. And keankheiten it contains words that are shirkiyyah polytheistic and there is fear for corruptness of belief of laity hence its recital is prohibited. So to instruct Durud Kranmheiten is akin to giving poison to laity.

Because many people fall into prey of polytheistic beliefs and it becomes a cause of their peril.

He was given the honorary title of: Khalil Ahmad Anbethawi Saharanpuri! Darud Taj is recited by a huge Muslim population and it has nothing but love and praise of the best of the creation, the Most Beloved of Allah sal allahu alayhi wa sallam.

Rashid Krankhsiten Gangohi created division and confusion among the Muslims. The British krankheitwn in using deobandi as a tool in dividing Muslims.

Readers should note that deobandi group is just ktankheiten name for Wahabis. The evil methodology of calling Muslims polytheists has since continued. Or is it Shirk? And this Durood was drafted years after [him]. So how can the reading of this wording seegha of durood be declared worthy of reward? And since there are shirkiyah statements contaminated with shirk included ninn it, there is a great danger of misleading the beliefs of masses.

And the teaching of Durood-e-Taj to the masses is like giving them lethal poison, because many people will become victims of contaminated shirk beliefs and that causes them to be destroyed. Volume 3, PageLines 9,10,11,12 and 1,2,3,4 —.

The virtue and merit of Durood-e-Taj mentioned by ignorant Muslims is mere nonsense and baseless. The other duroods narrated in traditions are far better. The Durood-e-Taj contains some words leading to shirk associating God with Allahso it must not be recited.


It has no base in Shariah. Another Deobandi Mufti who is in a habit of presenting deobandi false belief in a sugar coated way krankheiyen the Muslim population, says:.

However, there is nothing wrong in jimn the many worldly benefits of reciting it, as they are based upon experience. Some individuals may not be giving due attention to one, two or all three of the abovementioned conditions; hence it would be wise to explain the nud to them. It is in this context that some scholars of the past prohibited its recitation, for they saw the non-observance of these conditions.

However, if these conditions are taken care off, then ,enschliche is nothing wrong whatsoever in reciting this Salawat Durood al-Tajand one will menschilche rewarded for doing so. However, the best according to us is whatever wording is authentically narrated from him. To whom shall I now turn for the redress of my needs! The redresser of all my physical and spiritual needs is now gone. Mawlana Rashid Gangohee also writes: In another work with the name: In the compendium of his poetical works, he says:.

Rasheed and Qaasim-i-Kairaat, both are venerated teachers.

We sent these original lines to different Deobandi Mufti asking them whether these type of statements constitute kufr or not? We did not tell them that these krankheitsn are from their own scholar! So the deobandi scholars have done takfir upon their own sheikhul Hind, Mawalan Mahmoodul Hasan.

O prince Noor Muhammad!

This is the time to come to my help, For you are krankheitfn only sources of help in this world. Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanvi says: It is sufficient for the readers to see that how these deobandis have praised their scholars but when the similar words are used for the Holy Prophet PBUHthese wahabis do not hesitate to call Muslims as mushriks! I am sure that this Deobandi Mufti knows that except Darud e Ibrahimi, no other darud is authentically related from Prophet with a sahih chain of msnschliche.

Then why is that this Mufti is making this point which is irrelevant at this point?

Die Jinn und menschliche Krankheiten – ZAHRAA

The answer is clear! Even if this Darud is considered to be established through the Sunna which is nothow will this belief constitute shirk? No one has ever said that this darud has been established though the Sunna ,Just like Qasida Burdah.

This Deobandi Mufti wanted to call Sunni Muslims as mushrikthat is why he wrote this belief of his sect! Can this Deobandi Mufti tell us, who had this experience of worldly benefits? If these were ignorant Jahilthen how can we base our ruling on experience of these ignorant? Did these ignorant Muslim inform him that they are not getting any benefit after they are dead.? Did they come back after being buried? Note it a part of Deobandi belief that prophet cannot help us or move from his blessed resting placebut the deobandi scholars can do so.

Why is he not mentioning these hadith: Imam Mustaghfiri narrates that Rasulullah sal allahu alayhi wa sallam said: But which Muslim in the world thinks that Anyone except Allah has absolute power over anything? Why is he bent on proving that all the Muslims are mushrik and do not know this fact? Does he not know that all the Muslims know that Allah has absolute knowledge, control and authority over everything.


Allah bestows this upon anyone whom HE wishes. Does this deobandi mufti think that the black cumin has healing power in itself or Allah has given this in it? But our learned mufti wanted to fulfill his desire of calling Muslims as mushrik and to prove his sect correct!

For better understanding of this topic the learned mufti should read: We seek refuge in Allah from these wahabis and pray to Allah to guide these people on the right path. And Allah is not to chastise them, whilst they are begging forgiveness. Al Anfal It means prophet is the cause for these people not getting punished. And if when they do injustice unto their souls, then O beloved! They should come to you and then beg forgiveness of Allah and the messenger should intercede for them then surely, they would find Allah Most Relenting, Merciful.

Allah has full authority to forgive any one whom He wishesBut Lord of the entire creation says that the sinners should have gone to prophet sal allahu alayhi wa sallam and requested him to pray for them. Getting ones sin forgiven is definitely a great news as we will not get punished for these sins in the hereafter. Which means the calamity get removed.

And if Allah had not removed men one by means of other, then necessarily, the cloisters and churches and synagogues and mosques wherein the name of Allah is mentioned much would have been pulled down. And undoubtedly, Allah will necessarily help him who will help His religion; verily Allah is necessarily, Powerful, Dominant Al Hajj And if Allah would not repel some of them by some others among people, then necessarily the earth, would have been ruined, but Allah is Munificent to entire, world.

The commentators mufassireen have said that due to Muslims the calamites which are to come on evil doers is removed. They are those who disbelieved and hindered kranmheiten from the Sacred mosque, and the sacrificial animals were detained from reaching their place of sacrifice.

And if it had not been for certain believing men and some believing women whom you knew not that you might have trampled them, and there befall you any harm from them unknowingly, We would have permitted you to fight. This protection of theirs is for that Allah may admit into His mercy whom He pleases. If they had been separated, necessarily then We would have punished the infidels among them with a painful punishment.

Krxnkheiten verse mentions the incidence before the victory of Makkah. When prophet went for umra and the mushrikeen of the Makkah did not allow him to enter the city of Makkah. Allah revealed this verse telling the wisdom behind not enetering makkah this year.

Jinn – PDF Free Download

As it says clearly it was due to muslims that the unbelievers were not given punishment. People used to get high fever when they used to enter this city. Allah is his Protector, Gabriel is his servant. O you who mensfhliche for the light of his beauty, Send blessings and utmost greetings of peace Upon him and upon his Family.