El Comando Tribulación, es la continuación de la serie Dejados Atrás. En este libro, comenzamos a ver los cambios drásticos que ocurren en el mundo y vemos. Buy Dejados Atras: Una Novela de los Postreros Dias de la Tierra = Left Behind by Tim Yo lei este libro en Ingles y lo compre para mi abuelito en espanol. Dejados Atras [Left Behind] cover art Este es el increible y fenomenal primer libro de una serie que se ha convertido en una de los mejores series inspiradas .

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Este es el increible y fenomenal primer libro de una serie que se ha convertido en una de los mejores series inspiradas mas vendidas de todo el tiempo. Unase a la aventura de dos hombres que forman una Fuerza de Tribulacion, un grupo que busca parar y ponerle un fin al Anticristo, cuando este toma poder del mundo despues de la gran Livro.

Unlike previous reviewers, I’ve no interest in reviewing the Bible or Christian Beliefs.

Dejados atrás: Tim F. LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins: : Books

Wrong forum for that. I am assuming that the authors, not being hypocrates, believe Biblical teachings. Having conducted a long term study of prophecy in the scriptures, it interested me to see scriptural prophecies applied to fictious modern events. I think the authors did a wonderful job in keeping true to the teaching of the scriptures sorry naysayers Check it for yourself and at the same time create a great fictious story surrounding these coming biblical events of “biblical proportions.


If your exposure to biblical prophecy is limited, some of the subject matter involving the Tribulation Period can be shocking.

If that’s the case, I recommend listening to this series with bible in hand so you can “check for yourself” as you go. Some hold the flawed persective that “God” and “Goodness” are soft. Some don’t like to hear that God, the Ultimate Judge, actually passes judgements. Nor when God punishes or puts his foot down the Flood?

I knew a man once who said that in court, the Judge was being to Judgemental! Audible and so far everywhere else that I’ve looked dejaeos not have the complete series in Spanish! I don’t know if the other books are “in the works” or not, but I’ve been watching the availability for about six months now.

Dejados Atras [Left Behind] Audiobook | Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins |

So far it ends around “Soul Ljbro, which I think is about 6. How is this science fiction? This drivel might be considered fantasy, but it surely ain’t sience fiction. Do us all a favor and list this crap under religion or cults or something else but not here.


Tim LaHayeJerry B. Get it free with day trial.

Publisher’s Summary The gripping, phenomenal first book in a series that has become the best-selling inspirational series of all time. Join two men as they form the Tribulation Force, a group that seeks to stop the Antichrist from assuming world power after The Rapture.

Dejados atrás

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