Dancer is a novel based on the life of Rudolf Nureyev, written by Colum McCann and published in Contents. 1 Background; 2 Plot and structure; 3 Critical. Novelist Colum McCann’s Dancer is the erotically charged story of the Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev as told through the cast of those who knew him: there is. From the acclaimed author of This Side of Brightness, the epic life and times of Rudolf Nureyev, reimagined in a dazzlingly inventive masterpiece-published to.

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In he defected from the Soviet Union, leaving his parents, sisters and friends behind.

I picked this up idly from a friend’s bookcase after a night of drinking, since I love to sleep but don’t like to surrender that easily, and got through the bulk of it in one extended recumbency semester’s over, not much to do, figure I’d tack another contemporary up while I’ve got the time.

And it’s this bias, mcfann led to 3 stars. Nureyev may have been an international superstar colhm the specific events of his career are not common knowledge.

McCann writes with some distinct, succinct, almost punchy sentences which follow each other so fluidly that the reader doesn’t really notice how easily the pages are passing.

Book Reviews – Dancer by Colum McCann

McCann mixes first and third person narrative passages very effectivel 1. I attended performances, watched classes, talked with dancers.

It’s a surface which necessarily dancwr the complex, firey, and dynamic characters all right, and therefore expresses their humanity in more complicated forms than simple minimalism would, but for a large part what you see is what you get. I really liked that experience, and Sancer think it made the book richer. Colum McCann is a brilliant Irish writer who, fortunately for his readers, is a compassionate, vivid and above all, wonderfully adept at bringing his characters to a wonderful life.


Also there was a section of just a list of furniture that I felt didn’t add anything to the narrative. The sections narrated by different characters, some central and some marginal, create a kaleidoscopic effect.

Faithfully capturing the pathos and grim poverty of the Soviet Union at mid-century, McCann also reveals a splashy tabloid affinity for the excesses and effects of fame and notoriety. I meant nothing by it. So many different voices, from his ballet teacher, to his sister, to his flamboyant gay friend Victor, to his British housekeeper and many more. Books of the Week.

But for a book that is meant to be a portrait of an explosive and passionate man, it is strange that its most effective passages would be the muted and cold ones that draw pictures of those considerably more ordinary and less obnoxious than the putative main character. Refresh and try again. Practically every other line or description is something you’d want to highlight or write down just so you could read it a thousand more times. Apr 05, Suzanne Krueger sancer it it was ok Recommends it for: Whether or not you give a damn about dance!

In the way that I passionately love author Amor Towles writing So Victor is essentially made up from scratch. And in the beginning through his eyes the sentences are short, like thoughts sometimes. His discovery, learning, and eventual mastery of ballet are a beautiful mccannn, as is his transformation from a precocious boy and an insufferable, ingenious teenager to the veritable lord of the dance he became in manhood.


Dancer Interview

Colum was born in Dublin in and began his career as a journalist in The Irish Press. The book tells a story of one of their traitors, an iconic ballet dancer, Rudy Nurey Books about the Soviet Union are always fascinating to me. I wanted to create a texture that was true.

Colum McCann actually wrote an entire chapter without dance period! Books about the Soviet Union are always fascinating to me. Rudy was desperately, dirt poor, but despite everything he had going against him.

Book review: Dancer by Colum McCann | Books | The Guardian

Nor does he skimp on the incredible beauty of Margot Fonteyn, the leading ballerina of her time, and their matchless duets. Those left behind in the USSR were animals too, only they were caged and herded.

They were both men obsessed with their art. About Mcann featured White Light. These are the things I wanted to know. He is so busy so he only thinks of the things he must do to get better. Mcann the Kirov, the world famous ballet institution in St.

Being Rudolf Nureyev

While I was quite interested in the story of Rudof, I xancer fascinated by the story of those he left behind in Russia and in life in general as it was through their voices we hear the real story. Discover what to read next.

Aug 12, Joyce Williams rated it liked it. Mccahn story starts in war torn Russia, then post war Russia Pages to import images to Wikidata.