By: crimsonmarie . in fact, I woke up every morning looking forward to the fact that I’d be back in my hugely comfortable bed in fourteen hours. FIC/LINK: Fourteen. AUTHOR: Crimsonmarie HOW THE AUTHOR DESCRIBES IT:High school is brutal. It’s even worse when you’re not a size. UL Fourteen by CrimsonMarie |Holding Out For You by ObsessingOverEdward | The Fan by Pears13 |The Trip Home by Mskathy |The.

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This story is okay for what it is. The subject matter at hand is something I had yet to read and that in itself was intriguing. Bella is a size fourteen and has fallen for Edward who just happens to be Mr popular and a bit of a dick. Bella is bullied for her size by a lot of the kids at school – including Edward – and the only people who really speak to her are Angela and her boyfriend Ben.

Her life at home is lonely; her father not paying attention to her or seemingly caring what she does. They both come together after being paired for a school project. Edward ends up physically hurting Bella by grabbing her wrist too hard and this sets off unease within himself.


They gradually become friends and then eventually more while having to deal with outside views. I really enjoyed the first few chapters and I liked the eiplogue itself, but some bits were a little too repetitive for me. It’s not at all badly written just not one of my favourites. Fourteen Posted by 5ctBauble on Monday, December 14, at 5: High school is brutal. It’s even worse when you’re not a size two.

Having a major crush on the biggest, hottest jerk in high school. Even worse than that? Being paired up with him for a science project.


It another one where Edward is the hot popular guy of the school lets face it, who doesnt like this Edward and Bella is the social outcast. In this fic its because she is deemed ‘overweight’ where shes a size Having being paired as Lab partners they are forced to spend a lot of time together but just because they’re forced together doesnt mean the chemistry is forced too.

Now the two have to navigate the dramas of high school to be together. Chapter 4 – Bella and Edward have a private chat but not before the WHOLE school realizes that the school Prince has gone off with the ugly duckling of the school.


Tongues go-a-wagging as everyone crimxonmarie on the newest scandal at school. Chapter 9 – Shit hits the fan and poor Edward doesnt know what hit him in the face! This is a super short fic finishing with a total on 14 chapters.

Stay Chapter 1, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

Which fourteem a really good Epi and a few outtakes to come. Its a real nice one to read through quickly as it wont do your head in as you try to figure out the plot.

Monday, December 14, December 15, at 8: Newer Post Older Post Home. The only thing crismonmarie tears me away and draws me to FF.

I am absolutely obsessed with Twilight Fan Crimsonmaire. I read it non-stop, have begun writing some of my own and I’m reviewing them so I can have a central spot for everyones opinions on various fics. Im totally in the closet in RL but my twitter girls help divulge my obsessiveness online everyday!