The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra has 3 ratings and 0 reviews. The Hevajra Tantra is a non-dual, Yogini tantra of the late Mantrayāna tradition. The concealed essence of the Hevajra Tantra: with the commentary Yogaratnamālā. Responsibility: translated into English and edited by G.W. Farrow and I. : The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra: With the Commentary Yogaratnamala (English and Sanskrit Edition) () by G.W.

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Inthismanner when the True Principle, the Innate, is realized, everything is directly understood in terms of Samarasa, the, Flavour of Essential Similarity. The Dance is said to be the emanation and the Song the recitation of mantra. In the code language ofthe yogis Voidness and Compassion are known as Wisdom and Means and therefore the method is concealec by the union of Wisdom and Means.

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Songs may be sung at the same time and also at a later time. The essential nature of the male and female practitioners in relation to the Enlightened Consciousness is defined. Means to Attain the Innate At the Assembly of the Circle of Initiates only the highest adepts vo- calized their realizations in a song or verse form, hence the carya songs of the Mahasiddhas and the Tibetan masters.

According to the tantric view, because the emotions arise in the body the deities are said to reside in the body.

Secret Sign Language 71 8. After conception the Enlightened Consciousness is obscured during the formation of the body and the mind. It is said that at the moment when this knowledge ofGreatBliss concaled arises in the yogi the five elements do not restrain him and his mind knows the minds of others. If the Hevajra Tantra is quoting the words of Saraha it would cconcealed that the Hevajra Tantra was composed during or after Saraha’s time.

The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra: With the Commentary Yogaratnamālā – Google Books

Regarding this the Bhagavan states: The sacred is the infinite, divine nature which is never extinguished nor is even created.


These are the processes towards the Mahamudra Accomplish- ment. With the Commentary Yogaratnamala by G. The work of the yogi is first, by means of the method of the Process of Generation, to purify the obscuring, unrefined emotional natures by continually iden- tifying with the form and nature of the appropriate principal deity.

Hence a valid need, because of the introduction of tantric values into another social context, for clear, rational and intelligent information regarding the vibrant and essential features which make up the tantric tradition.

Two definitions of Bhagavan are given.

Describing how this occurs it is said: This is the Sandhyabhasa, the Tantric Code Language. The realization ofthe Mahamudra is the realization ofthe adamantine nature. The monastic conncealed was the preferred view for the safe practice of the tantric, Vajrayana method in Tibet. In the commentary the Bhagavan states that his doctrine is to be rantra by the proper consideration of evam maya,’ thus have I’.

The Fruit is said to be the perfected Flevajra, that is, the Vajradhara with the form of Hevajra. Their dialogue is the vehicle through which the nature of and the means to the enlightened state ofthe Buddhas are revealed.

The male and female procreative quintessences of our progenitors, which created our bodies, are the basis for the concept of concealed essences which are utilised in the yoga method. It is quite possible that the conflicts and confusions regarding the biography of Krsnacarya stem from prejudices held by some later commentators against the whole idea of such direct views and methods.

Therefore by means of this empowering feast the theories, practices and experiences ofthe Processes are taught and directly experienced. In order to try to convey the mood of the Assembly of the Circle of Initiates and also to exemplify the modes of secret communication five units of a song are now quoted: This task is achieved by utilizing the breath, the energy of the limited Enlightened Consciousness, the libido and the reflections of our progenitors procrea- tive essences, the causal concealed essences, hidden in the body.


The role of mantra, austerity and fire-sacrifice from the point of view of the Enlightened Consciousness are discussed. In line with the age of mass communication, pop-culture and easy travel the transference of Vajrayana and the introduction of Buddhism in general into the west is rapidly occurring. However, his importance as a lineage master is attested by the inclusion of sixty- four of his works in the Tangyur.

The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra: With the Commentary Yogaratnamala

The tradition of religious vernacular song is an ancient method of teaching tangra theories of yoga to the common man by way of allegories contained in the songs. These units, transcribed in the Roman script are presented together with the English translation to facilitate the easy comprehension of the material which is being commented upon.

This type of friction was caused because the application of the tantric vows carya by the yogis was at odds with the vows of the monks as laid down by the Vinaya. These translations of the Hevajra Tantra and hvajra previously untranslated Y ogaratnamala are presented in order to assist the study of the origins and basis of the Vajrayana tradition.

Even the very strongest disciples w A re often only given one consecration at a time. BookDB marked it as to-read Oct 22, They left in order to strictly apply their tantric precepts in an undistracted ‘in character’ manner by wandering and sometimes staying for long periods in mountain caves or lonely places to practice the method with or without their consorts.

I grant accomplishment to the one who Introduction xxxvii serves my Lotus in accordance with the instructions.