Normally a new book in a series I really like means I’d take the opportunity to re- read at least some of the previous volumes, but I re-read all. Conspirator (Foreigner, book 10) by C J Cherryh – book cover, description, publication history. Buy a cheap copy of Conspirator book by C.J. Cherryh. First in a brand-new Foreigner trilogy from Hugo Award winning author C. J. Cherryh. Cajeiri is the young.

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To get rid of Barb shopping, but then she creates a village wide incident and ends up costing him an enormous amount of money.

I haven’t read any of the series and I understand that I might have missed a point, but still. And Bren and his bodyguards do unearth a nasty little plot firmly seated in the past and where it should not be. Cherryh has a ton of potentially fascinating plot threads dangling up on cherryyh space station and beyond but it’s all ignored in favor of Barb’s shopping trip to the fishing village and other mind-numbing domestic detail. Cherryh does this without boring info dumps but through the eyes of, not only Bren, who should know parts of the past history but also through the eyes and mind of the aiji’s son and heir, who is learning fast and hard, how to be the crown prince and next aiji.

Bren is a full Lord of the Atevi now. Leading to Bren taking a vacation at his estate on the coast, that would be when the troubles start for Bren. Conspirator Foreigner 10 by Conspiratog. Bren and his brother reach an understanding, Bren’s household is confronted by an shocking amount of raw conzpirator emotion, Tabini-aiji learns from afar how to help his son, the dowager great-grandmother Ilisidi rearranges the politics of the planet more or less casually on a drive-by, and Bren stops worryijng ab 3 cohspirator a half stars.


I am going to give it one cherrhy star just for the writing style.

I’m following this series through book by cherryy, and loving it. So again, glad I didn’t read it and then have to wait for another short book a year later. Cherryh planned to write since the age of ten. With more than seventy books to her credit, and the winner of… More about C. After an initial war of misunderstanding, the liaison was created, as pa Another classic from C.

Also happy that editing is much better and redundancy is somewhat lessened, though at pp, I was kind of disappointed. Human norms, such as hugging and effusive greetings are now unfamiliar and awkward for Bren, and he finds himself in this odd place of not really belonging in either world.

And then I read “Conspirator” and I remembered very very clearly. Truly amazing how her world and the story continues to evolve and keep the xherryh on the tips of their toes in political suspense.

Conspirator by C. J. Cherryh | : Books

I am conspiratpr enjoying the addition of Cajeiri’s point of view, not just for the difference of perception but also for the fun of it. In this installment, Conzpirator is again joined by Illisidi and Cajeiri, a great combination of a great-grandmother and great-grandson.

May 04, Pages. I so love the fact that Bren-paidhi is back on his world again. She has written science fiction since she was ten, spent ten years cherryyh her life teaching Latin and Ancient History on the high school level, before retiring to full time writing, and now does not have enough hours in the day to pursue all her interests. Tabini-aiji is training his young son in the cnospirator ways of the ateviand has Cajeiri under strict supervision.


I did feel bad for him that his family is upset with the changes and also applaud him for being mature and trying to work things out.

I loved how Bren really became Lord Bren in this installment; he was really invested in the welfare Najida and its people.

It’s all rather dull. And the fun begins!

She works constantly, researches mostly on the internet, and has books stacked up and waiting conspieator be written. The civil war among the alien atevi has ended. The reaction of the characters of course was excellent and putting in viewpoints of aliens who had never conapirator in space themselves and brought their own society and customs along and had to live much closer to humans than ever before since the War of Landing was good.


Often her level of detail is fascinating and it makes the world feel extremely real. It’s played close to the cuff and we’re always forced to live through the big reveals as conspiratot come.

In this book Bren is giving short notice to vacate Lord Tatiseigi’s apartment, and with the Farai occupying his city apartment next to Tabini, he has no choice but to pay a month visit to hi I’m not reading these books in any order fherryh than by the order in which they become available on overdrive.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. Her studies include planetary geology, weather systems, and natural and man-made catastrophes, civilizations, and cosmology…in fact, there’s very little that doesn’t interest her.