This workout schedule is a ChaLean Extreme and Insanity hybrid. It’s a 6 day workout schedule and has workout days on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Chalean Extreme & Insanity Hybrid Workout Schedule. ChaLean ExtremeInsanity . Tuesday-Sunday Schedule. 3 years ago by amgrill at. Week Mon: CLX Burn Circuit 1/Ab Ripper X Tues: Insanity Plyo Cardio Circuit Wed: CLX Burn Circuit 2/Insanity Cardio Abs Thurs: Insanity.

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I love this Schedule layout however, when trying to print it, it comes out all fuzzy and unreadable. If you would be interested in personal assistance to reach your lifelong journey of health and fitness, click here to sign up for a free membership.

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Christine Johnson April 18, at 7: I start on Monday. Read busted my butt for my wedding and then fell by the wayside after. I think that you need to check chqlean this blog post for some info on how to write amazing looking persuasive essay.


For the research work, I ought to examine a lot weblog. Newer Post Older Post. Tuesday — Insanity Plyo Cardio Circuit. I love the idea of taking two and putting them together especially Chalene’s weight workouts.

Jackie Damp Fitness

Change U Fitness Ministry. Oliver Maurice August 22, at 4: Of Course with Insanityyou can expect Shaun T to push you beyond your limits. The Big Switch February 28, I’m so happy to find your blog. As insanjty and fitness coaches, they can make a difference in your life! Designed by Best For Blogger. April 25, at Saturday — Insanity Pure Cardio.

Robert May 12, at 8: Childhood Obesity December 14, Tuesday — Insanity Max Interval Circuit. Mike “The Nrgizer” and Wendy are well known in their circles as being a health-focused couple.

Saturday — Insanity Max Interval Circuit.

How to Live Healthy Lifestyle January 27, Tuesday — Insanity Pure Cardio. If you want a challenge then go heavy.


ChaLEAN Extreme Insanity Hybrid | Change U FitnessChange U Fitness

Ultimate 21 Day Reset Cleanse January 24, By signing up, you get me as your own personal coach for support, accountability, and guidance. New Workout Programs — 01 January Is Plant Based Protein Better? Make sure to do it as insxnity as possible. Saturday — Max Interval Plyo. I wish more men would learn to embrace it.

My ChaLEAN Extreme & Insanity Hybrid! | Jackie Damp Fitness

Tuesday — Insanity Interval Plyo. The reason for this is because high intensity workouts like Insanity push your heart rate sky high. They can help you identify your wellness needs so you can live a healthier, more balanced life.

Built by Mike “The Nrgizer” Davis. I also use Facebook as a way to connect and help people get from A to Z.