View and Download Casio QT user manual online. Touch Screen Smart Terminal. QT Cash Register pdf manual download. View and Download Casio QT service manual online. QT Cash Register pdf manual download. View and Download Casio QT reference manual online. Smart Terminal. QT Touchscreen pdf manual download. Also for: Qt

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Wind the AC adaptor cable around the ferrite core two times. The ferrite core is packed with QT Prograamming the appropriate method to loading IPL data.

Therefore the appearance may slightly differ. Remove four screws and the iron plate. Remove the connector for the battery and the battery. Remove twelve screws and the metal bracket. Remove three connectors and one FPC.

Casio QT-6100 Service Manual

Remove 14 screws and then the LCD unit. Remove two screws, one connector and the inverter PCB.

Remove four screws and separate the unit as shown below. Remove four screws under both packing. Remove seven screws and separate the LCD Unit.

Connect one PFC and three connector.

Fix the iron plate with twelve screws. Connect the connector for the battery and assemble the battery. Connect four connectors and one FPC. Fix the iron plate with four screws. Tq-6100 the backup battery cover with one screw. Fix the cap to the LCD Unit. Be careful with the position of the screw holes. Fix the cap to the stand. Be careful with the direction of the cap. The height of the screw hole on the front side should be lower.


To install the I-Button 1. Remove one screw and then the I-Button cover. To install the MCR 1. Remove progra,ming packing from the main unit. The lead wires should be stored neatly in a line. Fix the metal bracket to QT with two screws. Connect the connector to QT Arrange the cables so that they do not tangle with each other. Signal name Pin No. Check item The following test can be checked in the diagnostic test.

  EK2 0420A PDF

Make sure to connect the printer to COM1. The following tests are performed automatically. A counter is displayed for RAM test as follows. Prints the address of the error in case the test ended n In case of one time check only, the test can be ended by the judgment OK or NG of the opera- tor.

The display can be switched by the touch of the panel. The display will not change to the next one unless the panel is touched. Make sure to backup the register data when necessary. Connect the printer to the COM which is to be tested. When changing the ID, turn the power on again. Writing the address 1: Writes the programmjng by manually writing the MAC address In the manual input mode, the test progrramming the wait mode for the input of MAC address. Ring the one-shot buzzer.

The test enters the wait mode for only MCR input. The test judges the result programning OK and NG by the comparison between already set data and read data. Press [ESC] key to end the test manually. Bus state controller CPG: Clock pulse generator DMAC: Direct memory access controller FPU: A bus transaction consists of an address cycle followed by one or more data cycles.

The video memory row and column addresses are multiplexed on these lines. Block Diagram — 65 — The following table lists the error messages and describes the action to take. Meaning Action Prompt message E Wrong menu. This sheet holder is prohibited by pro- Set correct sheet holder. E Arrangement syntax er- Arrangement syntax error Program the arrangement again. CF card is not inserted to the slot.

CF card data or formats illegal. Check the CF card.


Meaning Prompt message Data cannot pgogramming printed out. System error code All error codes are contained in the list below. These error codes are displayed or printed on error log report.


Error code Meaning Z lock release error on satellite terminal Check tracking master is removed from system. Amnual Fatal Error When a fatal error occurs during an operation of the operating system, normal operation becomes im- possible afterwards. The values of Error No.

However, an illegal address may be displayed depending on the exception code.

Reservation instruction code exception 9 error no. Slot illegal instruction exception Description of phenomenon: These exceptions occur when an illegal instruction is performed.

It is hard to think that this phenomenon is caused by software, because these errors occur due to an internal operation of the CPU. Programmable High-Frequency Crystal Oscillator EX — 94 — EX — 95 — EX — 96 — EX — 97 — EX — 98 — EX — 99 — EX — — The numbers in item column corespond to the same wt-6100 in drawing.

CASIO does not supply the spare parts without parts code. Parts Name Specification Rank Code 1. Price Item Code No. Page of Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Chapters Table Of Contents Casio QT Operation Manual 18 pages. Page 43 [ 18 ] Ethernet test [Function] This test will check the counter-communication of Ethernet.

Page 46 [ 23 ] Buzzer test [Function] This test will check the buzzer function. Page 48 [ 26 ] Charging test [Function] This casoi will turn off the charging function. Page 74 System error code All error codes are contained in the list below. Page 75 Error code Meaning Z lock release error on satellite terminal Check tracking master is removed from system. Page 78 error point: Page 79 8 error no.

Page 96 Model Board No. Page 97 Model Board No.