Carte tehnica(maintenance). Transcript. 79>?6, -+:3>96?6. -+:3>96?6 / -+:3>96?6 0 -+:3>96?6 1 /7 7/-+ +6 79>93/ 7+8?+6¤. View and Download Daewoo MATIZ service manual online. MATIZ Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: My Daewoo Matiz este o mașină din clasa mini produsă de constructorul sud- coreean de automobile Daewoo din anul A înlocuit Daewoo Tico, care era o.

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Refer to Section 1G, Engine Exhaust.

D Electric leakage or poor D Connect the cable correctly connection of the high or replace it. Connect the lower radiator hose and drain the cool- ant. Install the brake fluid level switch.

Remove the thenica joint. D Install the outer bearing 3. D Remove the fuel filter. Outer Large Boot Clamp 7. Remove the stator assembly from the rear bracket. Is the Long Term Fuel Trim value below the specified value? Disconnect the select and the shift control cable. D Loosening or damage of the D Replace the distributor rotor distributor rotor or the cap.

Daewoo Matiz Manual, 52hp,

D Replace the rotor. D Remove the gear shift control lever assembly 2. Refer to Section 4B, Master Cylinder. Tighten the mounting bolts to 9—12 NSm 80— lb- in. Install the gear shift control lever assembly. D Remove the counter shaft bearing outer race us- ing a hammer and the gear, bearing installer DW — D Remove the solenoid 5.


Install the speedometer driven gear assembly to transaxle housing. Turn the Turn the ignition switch to ON. After stopping the engine, wait for a few minutes to DA accumulate oil into the oil pan.

Remove the bearing races from the brake drum. Clean the transaxle seal. D Replace the tire. Tire truing with a blade-type machine is not recommended because it substantially reduces the tread life and often does not correct the problem permanently.

D Remove the joint assembly while carhe the cir- clip 2. Tighten Tighten the starter motor bolts to 18—28 NSm 13—21 lb-ft. Hang the front muffler to rubber hanger. D Inflate the tires to the proper pressure. Operate the vehicle within the conditions for setting the DTC as specifiec in the supporting text.

D Remove the shift lever 2.

DB D Using compressed air, blow out the piston from the cylinder 4. Ensure the VSS is correctly torqued to the trnasaxle the diagnostic fails. Repair an open circuit as needed. Though each channel of the 4-channel system can operate inde- pendently, once any front channel brake sees excessive deceleration, both front isolation valves are energized and close thus, with the isolation valves closed, further unnecessary increases in the brake pressure will be prohibited.


D Usisng the scan tool can clear DTC s. Install the timing belt. Tighten the exhaust manifold heat shield bolts to 8—12 NSm 71— lb-in.

Daewoo Matiz

D Remove the inner cover 3. D Tighten the bolts to 18—28 NSm 13—21 lb-ft a. D Remove the rear timing belt cover 2.

D Remove the case cap O—ring Left Side 8. Inner Large Boot Clamp 4. D Crank the engine for an additional 10 seconds. D Remove the generator adjusting bolt 1. D Excessive loaded radial runout on the D Match—mount the tire and wheel tire and wheel assembly. Does the scan tool display ECM engine data? Suspensia si rotile automobilului: