Shows how to use a transit to locate a building correctly on the lot, plan proper grades with minimum excavation, find Building Layout Author, W.P. Jackson. Building Layout,WP Jackson. Shows how to use a transit, to locate a building correctly on the lot, plan grades with minimum excavation, find utility lines. : Building Layout () by W. P. Jackson and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great.

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About the Author W. Leveling is the most important operation you perform before you use your instrument.

You must then reposition the tripod. It replaces the plumb bob used in most transits. Table shows the radii of level tubes of different sensitivities. Figure shows two theodolites, each with a micrometer scale.

w.p.jackkson The accuracy in all readings and surveying tasks requires a level instrument at all times. Jackson has over 30 years of experience as a builder and developer of quality and luxury homes, subdivisions and garden apartments. It is marked in degrees and has a vernier scale that subdivides each degree in minutes on the better models. The vertical axis is not centered over A, even though the plumb bob might be.

Building Layout

Make sure your instrument is in perfect adjustment before you follow lwyout instructions below. Figure shows a transit with a 20 second vernier reading.


Therefore, if the instrument is level when it is set up layoit centered at point A as shown in Figuresighting through the optical plummet a-b will center the tack at A. Since you use a w.p.jacksoj for its accuracy, there is no substitute for an accurate instrument regardless of the size of the job.

See Figures and He is active in local government, is currently serving on the planning commission in his community and is a consultant on construction operations. Instead of a vernier scale, a theodolite is equipped with an optical micrometer scale. Figure shows a serious error due to an instrument out of level.

Plumbers need them to lay out sewer lines. A tube with a sensitivity reading of 8 minutes seconds would form an angle of 08′ 00″ at a radius of 2 buildinb 10 inches 2′” with each 2 mm movement of the bubble.

Building Layout – W. P. Jackson – Google Books

Level tubes are ground to specific radii. The manual that comes with each transit gives step by step instructions for setting up and leveling the instrument. You don’t need an engineering degree or any technical knowledge to use one.

Using a transit with an optical plummet provides a faster and more accurate method of centering than the plumb bob. The theodolite is recommended for work that requires greater precision than an instrument with w.p.jacksoon 20 second vernier reading. When the instrument is properly set up it is directly over the mark.


The power of the telescope can vary. Figure shows what different vernier readings mean in linear distance. A theodolite is essentially a more precise transit.

Building Layout – Surveying Guides – Books and Software – Craftsman Book Company

Level tube sensitivity is explained later in the chapter. This book is the result of his interest in improving professional standards among builders. If you are setting up on a paved surface, be sure the points are secure. The greater the precision of the transit, the more sensitive is the level alyout built into it.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A bubble that travels more with small movement takes longer to settle with each movement of the leveling screw. The range of the work and the accuracy required are two factors you must consider before selecting any instrument. But after setting up at A, say the instrument is not level. Set the tripod on firm ground and make sure the tripod points are stuck well into layyout ground.

The list w.pjackson include farmers, landscapers and many others.