Blackwater: A Novel [Kerstin Ekman, Joan Tate] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On Midsummer’s Eve, , Annie Raft arrives with her. Blackwater is a novel by the Swedish writer Kerstin Ekman. It received the August Prize in and the Nordic Council Literature Prize in It also won . Now it’s time for a classic from an extremely notable author from Sweden: Kerstin Ekman, the Swedish crime novelist and the author of a string.

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Eoman in the seventies and late eighties, one generation passes to another and as the new generation takes over the stigma of what happened at the river Lobber all those years ago the stigma too is carried forward, like hives that never leave the human body.

As Americans, we might equate this to the Native Americans’ spiritual views toward the land and the earth. The descriptions of the forests lakes and mountains are outstanding. The teenage boy gets stuck down a well I always felt like I was being kept at arm’s length while I read this book, and unfortunately that meant that I didn’t develop any sort of sympathy for any of the characters.

This, of course, arouses our curiosity. I am having difficulties making up my mind about this book, it certainly wasn’t an easy read as many blac,water Nordic thrillers are. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.


Discover new books on Goodreads. From other books I’ve read, this is certainly not an easy task and speaks to Ekman’s expertise as an author. The Wolfskin Trilogy 3 books by Kerstin Ekman. There are too many parts that slow the book down, without any obvious purpose. The Bottoms Joe R. The moment she had closed the door she heard the voices raised again.

Blackwater (novel) – Wikipedia

Ekman explores an entire society: Kerstin Ekman elsker virkelig sin natur. Aug 23, Oliver rated it it was amazing.

No, this is a novel that happens to have a crime as its central theme, but that for me worked as a deeply moving story about the lives and relationships of a number of characters, most of them people, but nature and weather definitely also among the main cast. A thriller that extends over 2 decades in Lapland. The murder in the book is suggested to be loosely based on a real murder in Appojaure in More importantly, it shows the destruction that things left unsaid bring to people’s lifes.

Stundande natten — Carl-Henning Wijkmark I quite liked the way that the majority of actions taken were down to a misunderstanding of a situation, with even the murders being a kind of mistake! Shame on me for letting this story sit unloved on my bookshelf for years!


Sweetness — Torgny Lindgren When Annie spots a tent she decides to go and ask for assistance only to find the bodies of a young man and woman brutally stabbed to death.


The book A thriller that extends over 2 decades in Lapland. Prospective readers are advised to keep a note pad close by and annotate by blackwatwr number since the chapters are unnumbered.

I found myself skipping passages that were overly descriptive–probably a more “literary” reader would appreciate these much more than I did. The book was published and has earned Kerstin Ekman the August price, and is considered the best thriller in Sweden. Please provide an email address. This is the crime that drives the book forward even while the crime itself remains unsolved for several decades.

The translation is excellent: What most annoyed me was the bits and pieces of information given randomly that eventually lead to a conclusion. Near a small village and while the rest of the inhabitants enjoy their festivities, on that evening of the summer solstice, a Dutch woman and an unidentified man are brutally murdered in their tent while camping krestin the Lobber river.

Ekmzn was so close, she could see the slate-gray throat feathers trembling at each call. Perhaps I might add this to my collection of blackeater I call “Ethno-mysteries” so detailed is the author’s ethnography of this part of the world: Refresh and try again.