This guide will show you how to reset the Billion G router back to original instructions on this, take a look at our How to Setup WiFi on the Billion G. Confirm that the internet light is green, if it is still red, repeat the previous steps or con- tact your ISP to verify the username and password and for further. This guide will show you how to setup your Billion G Router. The basic setup is Select the Manually option as shown below and click Apply. Manual Config.

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Billion G Router Chapter 1: Billion G Router Chapter 2: Installing the Router Important note for using this router Do not use this router under high humidity or high temperatures. Do not use the same power source for this router as other equipment. Do not open or repair the case by yourself. If this router is too hot, turn off the power immediately and have it repaired at a qualified service Warning center.

Power If lit red it means the system has failed to load. Restart the device or contact router support. Lit when connected to an Ethernet device. Make sure that all connected devices are turned on. On the front of the product is a bank of LEDs. Billion G Router Chapter 3: Basic Installation The router can be configured with your web browser. A web browser is biplion as gillion standard application in the following operating systems: The product provides an easy and user-friendly interface for configuration.

In the Control Panel, double-click Network Connections. Double-click Local Area Connection.

In the Control Panel, double-click Network and choose the Configuration tab. In the Control Panel, double-click Network and choose the Protocols tab. Billion G Router Factory Default Settings Before configuring your, you need to know the following default settings.

Web Interface Username and Password Username: The following information is provided should you wish to connect to an alternative ISP. Gather the information as illustrated in the following table and keep it for reference.

Billion G Router Chapter 4: Configuration At the configuration homepage, the left navigation pane where bookmarks are provided links you directly to the desired setup page, including: The expired IP addresses information. The IP address that assigned to client. The MAC address of client. The Host Name Computer Name of client. Billion G Router Quick Start 1.


Select the connect mode you want. There are two options you can choose, ADSL. Billion G Router 4. The list below has different mode applied for your choice. Select the connection mode. Select the 40g mode.

How to Reset the Billion 400G

Billion G Router 6. Configure the Wireless LAN setting. Default setting is set to Enable. If you want to use wireless, manuwl Billion G Router 8.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

From the example, two VLAN groups need to be created. P1 Port 1 Ethernet1: P2, P3 and P4 Port 2, 3, 4. You should setup each VLAN group with caution. Specify an IP address on this virtual interface. Specify a subnet mask on this virtual interface. Specify the firewall setting on this virtual interface. The network is behind NAT. All traffic will do network address translation when sending out to Internet if NAT is manuap. You can easily by checking the box next to the IP address to be blocked or allowed.

Then, Add to insert to the Ethernet Client Filter table. The default setting is Enabled. The default mode of wireless security is Enabled.

And the default security mode is WPA. To prevent unauthorized wireless stations from accessing data transmitted over the network, the router offers secure data encryption, known as WEP.

If you require high security for transmissions, there are two options to select from: Open System, Share key.


To prevent unauthorized wireless stations from accessing data transmitted over the network, the router offers highly secure data encryption, known as WEP. There are no pre-define MAC Address filter rules; WPS supports two connection methods via the routers Web GUI and through the push button found on the rear panel amnual will significantly reduce the number of steps required to set up the network.

Here are the items within the WAN section: Billion G Router Idle Timeout: Auto-disconnect the router when there is no activity on the line for manusl predetermined period of time. It allows you to set which outgoing traffic will not trigger and reset the idle timer. Billion G Router Service Name: This item is for identification purposes. If it is required, your ISP will provide you the information. Maximum input is 15 alphanumeric characters.

Select the profile port ADSL. The ATM protocol will be used in the device. User-definable name for the connection.

Enter the information provided by your Manuall. But in some areas, multimode cannot detect the ADSL line mode very well. If it 40g0 fails, please check with your ISP for line connection information.


You may change other configuration options for the web administration interface using Device Billiin options in the Advanced section of the GUI. This is useful if you wish to experiment with different settings, knowing that you have a backup handy in the case of any mistakes.

If you wish to restart the router using the factory default settings for example, after a firmware upgrade or if you have saved an incorrect configurationselect Factory Default Settings to reset to factory default settings. Click the Add button to add the new user account. The preset port filter rules in the Packet Filter must be modified according to the level of Firewall, which is billiion. Billion G Router Example: No predefined rules are configured for these modes.

Internet to LAN ; Outbound: Specifies a user-defined description identifying this entry or click the drop-down menu to select existing predefined rules. This is the user-defined time period applicable to the rule. You may specify a time schedule for your prioritization policy.

Billion G Reset

Configuring your firewall to allow a publicly accessible web server on your Kanual The predefined port filter rule for HTTP TCP port 80 is the same no matter whether the firewall is set to a high, medium or low security level. You will then be presented with the predefined port filter rules screen in this case for the low security levelshown below: You may click Edit the 4000g rule instead of Delete it.

This is an example to show to how you add a filter on your own. TCP Please refer to Table1: Predefined Port Filter Source Port: If the IDS function of the firewall manuql enabled, inbound packets are filtered and blocked depending on whether they are detected as possible hacker attacks, intrusion attempts or other connections that the router determines to be suspicious. This is a threshold value to decide whether a SYN Flood attempt is occurring or not.

Billion G Router Table 2: There are no pre-defined URL filter rules; Billion G Router 2. If not, the router checks if the domain is listed in the forbidden list. If it is, then the connection attempt will be dropped.