Subject: Assistant Engineer Electrical – APGENCO Syllabus. QP. Type/Year: Model/ Subject: Assistant Engineer Electronics – APGENCO Syllabus. APGENCO Syllabus & APGENCO Exam Pattern for Junior Accounts Officer (JAO), Assistant APGENCO Syllabus For Electronics APGenco Trainee Assistant Engineer Syllabus for Engineering Graduates in Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics & Civil written test

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March 22, Don’t Add Comment with Spam Purpose. Measurement of pressure, flow, temperature and liquid level. Learn how your comment data is processed.

May 14, I attempted every class test and weekend exams conducted by them. March 13, 1: I would be very thankful to you if you respond to me. I opted for GATE material for questions syllabis to mathematical solving. Govt Jobs In Delhi. Measurement of pH, conductivity, viscosity and humidity.

Apgenco And APTransco Question Papers Previous Year Old Paper Free Download 2017

Zeroth, first and second laws of thermodynamics, thermodynamics systems and processes, Carnot cycle, Air-standard cycles, irreversibility and availability, properties of pure substances, psychometry, Refrigeration and Air conditioning, working principles and their applications.

Op-Amp based active filters. Statistical analysis of data and curve fitting.

March 30, 8: Microprocessor applications, memory and input-output interfacing. March 17, 5: Basics of Circuits and Measurement Systems: Serial and parallel communication. Hi sir, can you please suggest me books for TS genco, TS transco for ece, Plz suggest me which publications is better for preparation?

Overall, the Exam is not much difficult if you get well prepared. Measurement of pH, conductivity, viscosity and humidity.



Amplitude and frequency modulation and demodulation. Principal stresses and strains, Mohr. Electrical power generation thermal, hydro, nuclear: Error and uncertainty analysis. The team of www. Free and forced vibrations, effect of damping, resonance, vibration isolation, critical syllaus of shafts. Transducers, Mechanical Measurement and Industrial Instrumentation: Sir, can u send me mechanical engineering previous solved question papers as soon as possible pleaseā€¦. Basics of fiber optics.

APGENCO Syllabus 2018 Assistant Engg (ECE/Mechanical/Civil) Download PDF

Sir,plz send me some reference books for electronics and communication engineering,for the preparing ae exams in genco and transco,and some previous question paper. Hence to sustain in sullabus heavy competition, the candidates need to prepare the old questions. Resistive, Capacitive, Inductive and piezoelectric transducers and their signal conditioning. Origin and classification of soils, three phase system, basic definitions and relations, effective stress, Permeability, capillarity and seepage of soils, flownets, flow through earthen dams, compressibility, consolidation and compaction of soils, shear strength, stability of slopes, earth pressures and retaining walls, stress distribution in soils, settlement analysis, subsurface exploration and site investigations, bearing capacity of soils, shallow apgenoc deep foundations, pile foundations.

Control Systems and Process Control: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Syllavus email address will not be published.

dyllabus Design of Machine elements: Please suggest me the books to follow for the electronics apgenco and send me the previous question papers of this exam. Single phase ede equivalent circuit, tests, regulation and efficiency, three phase transformer connections parallel operation, auto transformer, principle of xyllabus conversion, windings of rotating machines, DC generators and motors, characteristics, starting and speed control, three phase induction motors performance characteristics, starting and speed control, single phase induction motors, synchronous generators, performance, regulation, parallel operation, synchronous motors, starting characteristics and applications, synchronous condensers, fractional horse power motors, permanent magnet and stepper motors, Characteristics of Power electronic devices, phase control, bridge converters, choppers and inverters, basic concepts of adjustable speed drives.


March 26, 7: For theoritical concepts, IES study material was very helpful.

Routh and Nyquist criteria. SI units, measurement of current, voltage, power, power-factor and energy, Measurement of resistance, inductance, capacitance and frequency-bridge methods, transducers and sce applications to the measurement of non-electrical quantities like temperature, pressure, strain, displacement etc. On an average, I prepared for 5 to 6 hours per day in weekends after attending the coaching classes.

Convolution, correlation and characteristics of linear time invariant systems. Your email address will not be published. July 4, March 22, 6: Sampling theorem, pulse code modulation. EDM, ECM and USM, NC machines, jigs and fixtures, Standards of measurements, limits, fits, tolerances, linear and angular measurements, comparators, lathes, drilling, shaping, planning, milling, gear cutting. Static and dynamic characteristics of Measurement Systems.

Phase and gain margin.

GENCO / TRANSCO Previous Papers

Periodic and aperiodic signals. Transistors at low and high frequencies, Amplifiers, single and multi-stage. Routh and Nyquist criteria.