Anything Goes Lyrics: In olden days a glimpse of stocking / Was looked on as something shocking / But now, God knows / Anything goes / Good authors too. John Scot Barrowman MBE (born 11 March ) is a Scottish-American actor, singer, .. Barrowman’s memoir and autobiography, Anything Goes, was published in by Michael O’Mara Books. His sister, English professor and journalist. Seb likes John Barrowman a lot. But he’s not so sure about his autobiography.

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John Barrowman

As Mama Rose famously said in the musical Gypsy: And it does feel like that: There’s varrowman lot of talk about Barrowman’s handsomeness, his talent, how wonderfully fun he is, the famous people he’s known and met, and the expensive things he’s bought and experienced.

Some were snarky and sarcastic and funny, others helpful explanations of theater terms and traditions.

At Old Compton’s, he was a screaming, nelly queen, but still gorgeous. Anthing Goes is available in hardback, paperback, audio CD and download.

The question, mercifully, is too complex to answer”. Barrowman is also featured on more than a dozen musical bafrowman recordings, including cover tunes found on his album, Another Sideand ‘s Music Jphn Music.

In September Barrowman was a guest host on Attack of the Show! Retrieved 12 February He just tells these funny stories about his life. Apr gods, Zuzana rated it liked it Shelves: InBarrowman became the presenter for Animals at Worka children’s television show on CBBC that showcases “animals with extraordinary skills that make people’s anytuing easier and safer”; [31] Animals at Work began in with 26 episodes.


John’s music always puts me in a anythong mood and this book has done same. May 06, Kristina rated it liked it Shelves: Reasons to listen to John Barrowman read his autobiography: November Author’s acknowledgements: Barrowman was also considered for the role of Will in Will and Gracebut the producers reportedly felt he was “too straight” and the role eventually went to straight actor Eric McCormack instead. Jun 26, Tara rated it liked it Recommended to Tara by: His English teacher moved him into a Gifted Programme and coached Barrowman for the school’s speech team.

On my Nook first generation, non-touch screen I couldn’t touch the number and have the note appear; I had to search for that section or scroll to the back of the book, read a footnote that often said something like: View all 12 comments.

John Barrowman – Wikipedia

I actually wish he’d written a bit more here, but it’s possible there isn’t anything else to write. He is bi-dialectal, doing much of his stage and acting work in his American accent, but speaking with family in his Scottish accent. I just read his excitement at having this feat occur about an hour ago. From —, Barrowman reported on technology news as the host of the Electric Circus segment of the show.

This autobiography is perfect for people interested in John and his life. John also lays bare his personal life: What, coming out as gay?!

If you’re a fan, or even just beginning to be one, this is definitely worth a read! One of the reasons I enjoyed reading it so much. It gpes into stark relief, though, the absence of these very qualities in some other passages in his life that could have used the same treatment.


This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Barrowman at the Supanova Expo. Barrowman first starred as Peter Fairchild in Central Park West [37] a show American film critic Ken Tucker calls “a tale of ritzy, ditsy New York City careerists—some struggling to make it, others plotting to retain their status and power.

Retrieved 26 August Under an entry for “Love Life”, it says Barrowman “has been linked with Cher. One of the best, most interesting things about it, is that it opens a doorway into the mind and heart of a gay guy who’s happy and successful — and bsrrowman you in. Frequently, as he left a theatre and walked down the streets, I could follow his progress in my head.

John Barrowman was born in Scotland, and moved to Illinois when he was eight years old.

He gives the impression of a guy who was never “in,” so I never thought to question his “in or out” status. And the constant footnotes are amusing enough to begin with but the joke wears thin after twenty pages. I barrowmxn stopped reading them because they often weren’t that important.