‘The Anatomy of Slavespeak’ by Frederick Mann Slavespeak: the language used to subjugate, control and dominate others. Slavespeak includes words like. THE ANATOMY OF SLAVESPEAK 0 votesFor those of you who are Artists in the Medium of Living, and UP FOR the totality of the reality of LIFE, what enhances it, what decays it (both necessary.

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This report contains copyrighted material. This information is free for personal use only.

No part of these materials may be reproduced in any form – except for personal use – without permission from the copyright holder. Jim Lee of ClimateViewer News has obtained permission to repost this material via email. Thank you to Frederick Mann for allowing slaavespeak to dlavespeak this amazing work. Be sure to check out the rest of his papers here. I came across this site years ago and printed out Slavespeak and read it and it made sense.

A friend of mine asked me today if I could find books for him on mind control. Thank You Very Much for your insights. He questioned all aspects of religion and politics, particularly in his book A Tale of a Tub. Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderlandwas a mathematician and philosopher — and political analyst. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas. Please think about this issue. Now, please stretch your imagination and imagine a world in which nobody takes the words of terrocrats seriously.

The first is violence.

The second is money. And the third is words. By violence, here, I mean actual physical violence.

the anatomy of slavespeak

Threats of violence are almost always expressed in words. How often has a terrocrat used actual violence to control you? Were you physically dragged into school, or were you persuaded by words to go to school? Has any terrocrat ever used actual physical violence to make wlavespeak pay taxes, or were you persuaded by words to pay up?

The Anatomy of Slavespeak

Have you ever been arrested? If so, in what proportion did the cop use actual physical violence compared to words. Did he tell you to put your hands behind your back, or did he force your hands behind your back without saying anything?

Notice that even during most arrests, anayomy use more words than actual physical violence to control their victims. Have you ever been to court? To what proportion do the terrocrats and lawyers use words in court compared to actual physical violence?

Have you ever been to jail? To what proportion do the terrocrats use words in jail compared to anatpmy physical violence? Spavespeak you begin to appreciate that the power of terrocrats depends largely on victims accepting terrocrat words and obeying them? To what extent do terrocrats use money to subjugate, control, and dominate their victims? In the absence of words, could terrocrats use money to control people?

In their book Powershift the Tofflers indicate how power has progressively shifted first from those who command violence to those who command money, and second to those who command information.


What I want you to get, to grasp, salvespeak understand is that the power of terrocrats depends more on words than on anything else. Of course, their words have to be accepted, believed, and obeyed by the vast majority of victims. But what would happen if a critical mass of enlightened, emancipated former victims were to reject terrocrat words, were to stop believing them, were to attack and elavespeak them whenever appropriate, and were to carefully and judiciously stop obeying them?

Some of the ideas in this report may be threatening to your current knowledge. Your mind may find it difficult to deal with some of these ideas. One lets you off the hook, the other forces you to think.

He did not mean buy everything you wanted. He was fanatical about exercising your mind, the most powerful computer in slavvespeak world. The stronger it gets, the more money I can make.

Correspondingly, you become impervious to external control through words. In other words, you enjoy more freedom — you have more options available to you. Understanding Slavespeak enables you to discard activities you may otherwise waste your precious time on. slavexpeak

It enables you to focus on activities most likely to benefit you, while at the same time having the greatest potential for reducing the power of terrocrats, at least insofar as terrocrat actions infringe on you personal life and affairs.

It will become much more difficult for others to manipulate you. Understanding and transcending Slavespeak improves your perception of the world and enables you to act or behave more effectively in relation to it.

The Sapir-Whorf-Korzybski Hypothesis, in anthropology, holds that a change in language can alter our perception of the cosmos. A revision of language structure, in particular, can alter the brain as dramatically as a psychedelic. In our metaphor, if we change the software, slavespea computer operates in a new way. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are anaatomy and ineffectual.

Now open your ears, for now I shall speak to you of the death of peoples. The state is the coldest of all cold monsters. It is a lie! It was creators who created peoples and hung a faith and a love over them: It is destroyers who set snares for many and call it the state: Where a people still exists, there the people do not understand the state and hate it as the evil eye and sin against custom and law.

I offer you this sign: It invented this language for itself in custom and law. But the state lies in all languages of good and evil; and whatever it says, it lies — and whatever it has, it has stolen.

Confusion of the language of good and evil; I offer you this sign of the state. Truly, this sign indicates the will to death! Truly, it beckons to the preachers of death! Just see how it lures them, the many-too-many! How it devours them, and chews them, and re-chews them! It likes to sun itself in the sunshine of good consciences — this cold monster!


It will give you everything if you worship it, this new idol: It wants to use you to lure the many-too-many. Yes, a cunning device of Hell has here been devised, a horse of death jingling with the trappings of divine honors! Yes, a death for many has here been devised that glorifies itself as life: I call it the state where everyone, good and bad, is a poison-drinker: You can write that down in your anatommy in great big letters.

The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them. When you find an individual is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control you. One way or another this individual is trying to control you. That is the mechanism of control. This individual is lying to you because he is trying to control you — because if they give you enough misinformation they will pull you down the tone slavewpeak so that they can control you.

The Anatomy of Slavespeak · ClimateViewer News

Conversely, if you see an impulse on the part of a human being to control you, you know very well that that human being is lying to you. Check these facts, you will find they are always true. That person who is trying to control you is lying to you.

You will find that very often Command has this as its greatest weakness. It will try to control instead of leading. The next thing you know, it is lying to the [illegible]. Lie, lie, lie, and it gets worse and worse, and all of a sudden the thing blows up. Well, religion has done this. Organized religion tries to control, so therefore must be lying. Understanding language is the key to understanding man; and the control of language, to the control of man.

I use Slavespeak in essentially the same way Orwell used Newspeak, except that Slavespeak covers more words than I think Orwell would have regarded as Newspeak. Slavespeak includes words like: Slavespeak, as I use the term, has developed over many centuries. If a terrocrat can persuade a victim to accept his Slavespeak words, he automatically subjugates his victim.

If a victim accepts the Slavespeak words of a terrocrat, he automatically positions himself as a subject in relation to the terrocrat — and the terrocrat gains power over him. It includes all language that may put an individual at a disadvantage in relation to others and to the world in general. Slavespeak probably occurs in most domains of human endeavor: How my Mind Broke Free from the Delusions of Psychiatry presents a trenchant description of how psychiatric Slavespeak operates and its consequences.

Siebert was awarded a fellowship for post-doctoral psychiatric training at the Menninger Foundation. They were not amused.