Amagansett Funds (A) is a Harvard Business (HBR) Case Study on Technology & Operations, Fern Fort University provides HBR case study assignment help. ppt on “Amagansett Funds (A)” case study funds-a/an/PDF-ENG?Ntt=Amangansett. Amagansett Funds has already established a troubled history using its crm (CRM ) system. Sales people believe that they derive no value from.

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The idea is to recognize, analyze and systematically and constantly improve processes.

It also helps to implement the knowledge during decisions making. Amagansett was interested in functionality that lets a company keep track of past contacts with its customers and plan future ones.

Wholesalers were to use the system and enter details of their meetings with investors.

Product details

Amagansett managers considered CRM software important. President of sales envisioned that the system would help generate reports so that sale managers could keep track of what wholesalers were doing and make sure that amagamsett customer was appropriately served. Its development and integration are organizational project with all it implies.

During system implementation process there is a need of system builders to cooperate with future system users. Most users hated the system.

As a result sales managers amaganestt the reports and had a poor idea of what was going on with their organizations and at their customers. This improvement can be done by finding some specific formats, usually used by wholesalers contact data, meeting details, people worked at some office, etc.


That way, entering data process will be much easier and quicker. Make some interface programs which allows wholesaler entering data to the system not directly to the CRM system, but through some mail format or web form. This improvement makes it possible to the wholesaler enter data to the system almost online, very close to the time of the contact.

As a result the data will be extended and more accurate. Another benefit of this solution is that it could be applied not only for laptops, but also for palms, smart phones and others. The wholesaler can make a phone call to the secretary or leave a voice messagedescribe all amaganestt data, and the amaagansett will enter it to the CRM system. That funnds the data will be fully entered to the system and no details will be missed.

For this solution to work there is a need of teaching secretaries to work with the system and it also may require hiring additional personnel. In any way it should be quite inexpensive. Availability of platform amagnsett iPad changes a lot our analysis. Having an iPad, the system can be installed on it, and everyone can enter data to the system almost online very close to the time of the meeting.

The data can be saved locally on amaganxett iPad if there is no web connection and when connected to finds computer with connection to CRM system, will be synchronized. If some data is needed, it can be produced from the system very quickly, and saved locally on the iPad, allowing future easy and fast access to this data.


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Amagansett Funds (A) [10 Steps] Case Study Analysis & Solution

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