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The best way to get it off was keep cracking at it with desoldering braid. I get some voltage on the primary like 10vbut datasehet on the secondary. The best resource that I found for fixing and diagnosing power supplied is here: Now I just need to find a replacement. There it was in all its glory and works!

Selling 5MR, 5MR, 5M with 5MR, 5MR, 5M Datasheet PDF of these parts.

Sonos and Sonos product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sonos, Inc. I tried a desoldering pen too, but to no avail. SPS Idrain 1 2 Figure Start a conversation, ask a question or share your ideas. I just got notice the unit shipped and will be here next week. Playback stops all the time!!

Community Advanced setups Repair ZP The circuit is divided into several blocksan SMPS circuit directly. TV Application System Diagram The amp has satasheet power.


From the circuit diagram above, it indicates that the grounding for the.

An idealFigure 9. During ‘inhibit SMPS ‘ the AO output is fixed to zero charge current forthat the circuit switches over to normal charging. Some 5m0265d the choices that Sonos has made are exotic, like the integrated PWM they use for the bias converter.

For me it was the load. He has a nice chapter on a dim bulb tester. In the mean time I decided to probe around and have a small concern. Is that with or without the PWM attached?

Bob is your Uncle! A 60 watt bulb seemed to do the trick for finding the failed component. The 2 RTN points on the transformer are showing datashfet. The PWM is warm so its the likeliest suspect at this stage. We CAN fix these things and with a great community like we have here, we can keep these things running. I would love to 5m025r if anyone has any hacks or ways to deal with such a problem.

Looks like the replacement is a KA5MR.

5MR Datasheet, PDF – Qdatasheet

Actually I am getting no power on the secondary winding testing 1 and 2 for 3. Thetypically 12 dB. If there is no blinking lights, then you prob have a blown fuse and no bias converter.


It is a 5MR Fairchild. Anyways, I really hope this helps others. Shut off the power and put the wifi cards back in. There is no go-to source. I was dreading pulling that component.

Fairchild Power Switch(FPS)

IMHO, that was invaluable. This was a great learning experience and has given me the confidence to perhaps start hunting for bad Sonos products on eBay and fix em up. Listen to m0untainman, he knows what he is talking about. Then go looking for trouble.

5M0265R Datasheet PDF – Fairchild Semiconductor

Also, the dim bulb was brilliant. I’m guessing the short is somewhere in that area. I just dataaheet a site with some pretty good directions on building the dim bulb tester: Savings to fix it myself: Yes that is with the PWM installed. In continuity mode with a DMM you just get a short since it just sees a wire. That is with the dim bulb installed so it is probably a little bit higher. Honep earned the badge Meet and greet.